French fries in the oven with minced meat

Cooking time
65 min
Check out the wonderful flavor of this simple and easy dish. Some dishes are so hearty that doesn't require any extra garnish. These dishes include potatoes in French, because the presence of meat helps to satisfy your hunger. And the presence of potatoes there is no need to prepare side dish.
If desired, you can create this dish a little differently- increasing the number of layers: first, put half of the potatoes, then the meat and cover all with the remaining half of potatoes. And on the potatoes to grate the cheese and pour all of sour cream mixture. The taste is not affected.
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
Prepare the necessary ingredients for meals. The stuffing can use any pork, beef or a mixture of pork and beef. The stuffing can use both store-bought and cooked their own meat.
Cheese grate on a coarse grater.
Potatoes peel and cut into thin slices.
The form for baking (I have 18*24 cm) brush with vegetable oil. In the form of lay out all the overlapping potato slices. Potatoes lightly with salt and pepper.
Potatoes evenly lay out all the stuffing. Minced salt and pepper is not necessary, because the top and so it will be salty cheese and the fill that already are salt and pepper.
On top sprinkle all grated cheese.
Prepare all the necessary ingredients for filling. Spices can use any according to your taste: it can be a ready set of spices for potatoes or meat, or separately selected spices type of paprika, dried garlic and various dry herbs. I only use curry, salt and pepper.
In a Cup blend milk, sour cream, curry, salt and pepper. Mix everything carefully. Sour cream can use any fat content. I had 15 %.
Pour the mixture of potatoes and minced meat. Bake French fries in a preheated 180u00b0C oven for 40-45 minutes. If the top is browned and the dish is not yet ready, cover the form with foil. !!! Try to keep the foil not in contact with the top layer, that is cheese. Otherwise all the cheese will stick to foil and your dish will remain without cheese layer.
The finished pudding cool slightly, then slice into serving pieces and serve. Bon appetit!

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Cheese 100 gram
Curry 0.5 tablespoons
Ground black pepper
Milk is a delicious dairy recipes 100 ml
Minced meat 400 gram
Potatoes 800 gram
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons
With sour cream simple homemade recipes 100 gram


Total calories 189
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 10
Total protein 6