Egg-scotch cocooned in a haze of juniper

Cooking time
45 min

Dish has diversified meagre food of the Scottish highlanders in the old days! Corporation Is Easy And Simple!!! The dish is very striking, perfectly combined with refreshing fruity notes of white wine. The egg in the cocoon, we baked in barbecutie,but in the oven they turned out perfectly!

Cook poached eggs (the yolk should remain liquid - this is important!). Immediately cool them in ice water, gently clean the shell (do not damage the protein!) and dry on a paper towel. Minced meat combine with grated on a fine grater garlic and ground spices, add salt, black pepper. Stuffing divided into 4 parts, each formed into an oval cake thickness of about a centimeter. In the center of each tortilla put the egg and close up the stuffing to make a ball with the egg inside. Each such ball is to wrap a strip of bacon along and across in all directions. The result should be like a cocoon of bacon. It is important to take good care of egg not to damage the protein shell around a liquid yolk! To put any heat-resistant form, lined with parchment, and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 180-200*C. Just before serving, shell the eggs and cut in half (across): the yolk should be liquid. Serve with mustard and horseradish.

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Bacon 8 pc
cinnamon 5 gram
Coriander 5 gram
Cumin 5 gram
Eggs dishes step-by-step recipes 2 pc
Garlic 3
Ground black pepper
Juniper berries 8 pc
Minced meat 400 gram


Total calories 323
Total fat 23
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 13