Easy simple salad with salmon and grapes

Cooking time
30 min
Delicious, colourful and unusual salad that will delight loved ones! A tasty combination of salted fish and sweet grapes gives amazing taste to the salad which makes a wonderful addition to any holiday table and will always appreciate the ease of cooking.
This recipe is ideal for those who do not want to have complex and heavy food, but loves a delicious and unusual combinations. Other advantages are ease of preparation, and the ability to put this salad on any holiday table, it's everywhere on the ground and will delight guests and friends. Bon appetit to all foodies and big fans of interesting and exciting combinations!
1. The first and most important step - preparation of all ingredients. All the above products must be prepared in advance. Of them we will make pieces that will be needed to prepare the salad
2. First prepare the salted fish. Ideal - if it is cooked with his own hands, but no less tasty fish from the store. Cut ( in our case) salmon cubes and put aside. Soon this template will be needed.
3. Then cut the quail eggs in half and also put aside until we don't need them.
4. Further, the cross-section to divide the cucumber into halves and then cut them into bars. Before cutting, we made a striped cucumbers, the dish looked interesting and brighter.
5. The last blank in our recipe - cut into halves grapes.
6. Once all preparations are complete, we mix our ingredients in the dish. Tear salad mix into small pieces - this will be the basis of our dishes.
7. Next, spread on a plate sliced fish, eggs and cucumbers.
8. The next step will be to prepare Mediterranean sauce: mix in a bowl three tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon, also add salt and pepper to taste. The resulting mixture is evenly distributed in dish.
9. Finally, the last step is to add to the existing ingredients crackers and grapes. In the salad add a little grated cheese, amount at Your discretion. The dish is ready, Bon appetit!

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Cheese 10 gram
Crackers 15 gram
Cucumbers 3 pc
Grapes 12 pc
Lemons 1 pc
Lettuce 150 gram
olive oil 3 teaspoons
Quail eggs 6 pc
Salmon 300 gram


Total calories 120
Total fat 9
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 8