Donuts, fried sweet

Cooking time
120 min
Air like feathers and rosy doughnuts for tea. For this recipe, they turn out very fluffy and soft. And these donuts are flavorful and delicious. Of course, every day are not to eat due to high calorie content, but sometimes you can pamper yourself.
Among all the donut recipes I liked this the most, as it as simple as possible. Donuts can sprinkle with powdered sugar and dipped in jam and drink hot beverage of tea or coffee.
In a bowl sift flour and add yeast. Stir.
In a skillet heated to lukewarm milk mixed with salt and sugar. Pour it into the flour, add melted butter and egg yolk. You can add a whole egg with one egg yolk (without protein) the dough will be softer.
For kneading I used the mixer with nozzles in the form of spirals - they are just designed for such cases. The dough kneaded is not the first speed until, until it will gather into one lump.
Put it on the work surface, which if necessary can be lightly dusted with flour and knead by hand for 7 minutes. The dough was soft, pliable and does not stick to hands.
Form a ball, put it in a bowl and cover with cling film and allow to rise in a warm place for 1 hour.
Coming up the dough abenaim and put on the table.
Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces, drove them into balls, cover with cling film and leave for proofing for 10 minutes.
Next, cut out 8 parchment squares. Each grease with vegetable oil. Take one ball and hands bore a hole in the center. Put the workpiece on the parchment and allow to rise for another 20 minutes. They also need to cover with cling film so they don't a little dried out. This method helps to preserve the shape of the donuts and gives them to deform when placed in oil.
Then look at how to fry doughnuts in deep fat. To do this, pour into a pan with high sides (or other suitable dish) vegetable refined oil, warmed it on medium heat but not boiling. Take the donut along with the parchment, transfer to the rim of the dish, carefully remove it and put in oil. Fire do moderate to donuts slightly boiling. Fry on one side to produce a brown color - about 1 minute.
Turn to other side and fry about the same time. Ready donuts put on a napkin to soak up excess fat. Still hot they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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butter 25 gram
Eggs homemade recipes step by step 1 pc
Milk cooking milk 150 ml
Of wheaten flour delicious 250 gram
salt 2 gram
Sugar 50 gram
vegetable oil 350 gram
Yeast 4 gram


Total calories 500
Total fat 43
Total carbohydrates 25
Total protein 5