Dessert Strawberries and cream

Cooking time
30 min
Very tasty and easy to prepare dessert. For its preparation you will need only three ingredients. It is very fast, it turns insanely delicious. This dessert is loved by children and adults. I don't know the combination of ingredients is better than whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
Dessert from childhood, I don't know a single person who doesn't like strawberries and cream. I want to note that this dessert is best not to cook in advance and store, it should be eaten immediately as it has a short shelf life. It can be prepared, for example, children's party or just to surprise your loved ones in this dessert. In the strawberry season he will be especially relevant. It looks very elegant, appetizing and festive. For cooking does not require special culinary skills you can bring to the process of making children.
Strawberries choose ripe and flavorful. Strawberries wash well. Wash better with fruit spurs, otherwise it will collect in the water and become watery. After washing, tear off the stalk and dry the strawberries on paper towels.
Heavy cream from 33% and above, pour into a deep bowl and start whisking first at low speed. Do it gently without splashing. To make the cream well whipped, they need good cooling, this will place them in the freezer for 20 minutes. In the freezer I also put the bowl and beaters from the mixer.
Add the powdered sugar and continue to whisk, you can also add vanilla to taste. Increase speed of mixer and continue whisking.
Beat until the beaters from the mixer will not appear distinct drawings on cream, I have it usually takes about four minutes. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will oil.
Washed strawberries cut as You like, I cut it into halves and quarters.
The cream I put in a pastry bag, but not necessarily, you can use a spoon.
Take a bowl and begin to alternate the layers. In the bottom I put a little strawberry jam, the recipe is not specified, but in my opinion it tastes better, You make your choice.
Then a layer of cream.
Then chopped strawberries.
Again the cream, then jam and strawberries. In the end cap of cream, slices of strawberries and mint leaves. I just proposed my version of the design and decorations You make and decorate as You like, in any case, it will be delicious! Bon appetit!

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Cream fat cooking recipes with photos 200 ml
Powdered sugar 100 gram
Strawberry 500 gram


Total calories 150
Total fat 9
Total carbohydrates 18
Total protein 1