Cutlets with crab sticks

Cooking time
35 min
If you love crab sticks, cook these patties. Usually we cook crab sticks snacks and salads. But no less tasty hot dishes. One of them I suggest. It's burgers. Cook them very quickly and easily. And the result will surely delight.
Crab sticks as the product is firmly established in our lives, even though they no crab. This perfect imitation is often a wonderful addition to salads. They can be used and simple, they are undoubted benefits for the body, but you want to choose the right product to pleased with the taste.
Crab sticks is only imitation crab meat. The product contains many ingredients which have been compacted in this form, then painted red, similar to the shell of the crab meat. This product is often used because it is more affordable, it is added to seafood salads and similar dishes. He is fully ready to use. Most often sold frozen, you only need to thaw and can be eaten without further preparation.
Crab sticks, also known as kanikama, was originally produced in Japan in 1973 in the form of artificial crab meat. The very first produced and patented imitation meat came from Osaka Suisan company in 1974.
Two years later the product was delivered in California, USA. Kanikama later became known in Japan, and a few years on the international market in the form of crab sticks, ocean sticks, sea legs.
Prepare the ingredients. To cook the patties of crab sticks we need: crab sticks, egg, breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, ground black pepper and salt.
Crab sticks finely chop or grate on a medium grater.
Mayonnaise to combine with the 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs and stir.
In the mayonnaise mixture add crab sticks and egg. Season with salt and pepper to taste and mix thoroughly.
Mix thoroughly.
To form from the resulting mass small round cakes. It is better to form them with wet hands, otherwise the meat will stick to the hands. Roll them from all sides in the remaining breadcrumbs.
Fry the crab cakes in a frying pan in vegetable oil on both sides until Golden brown.
Serve cutlets with crab sticks with sour cream can. Bon appetit!

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breadcrumbs 5 teaspoons
Crab sticks homemade recipes with photos 200 gram
Dishes with eggs 1 pc
Ground black pepper
Mayonnaise 3 teaspoons
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons


Total calories 258
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 21
Total protein 9