Cutlets of oatmeal with garlic and herbs

Cooking time
60 min
Tired of oatmeal? There is an alternative! Try and enjoy! quick and tasty
The eggs mixed with the milk and pour this mixture flakes, let stand 20-30 minutes. Then the oat mixture to add to the mince, season and carefully knead the dough (knead, pohlopyvaniem, toss ). Next, with wet hands formed cattleyanum in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides until light Golden brown. Then the pan cover with a lid and on small fire to microwave (a must!) patties, or adding water or sour cream, to extinguish

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Bow 50 gram
Cereal 1 cups
Dishes with eggs 2 pc
Garlic a speedy recipes with photos
Greens 20 gram
Ground black pepper
In breadcrumbs recipes with photos 100 gram
milk 100 ml
Minced meat 1
Spices dry
vegetable oil 50 ml
water 100 ml


Total calories 298
Total fat 23
Total carbohydrates 13
Total protein 10