Cutlets from minced meat in the oven with gravy

Cooking time
60 min
Meat patties, baked in sauce, all the family will love. After all, many people love burgers, and also to water the vegetables. And then and meatballs and a delicious sauce, vegetables, tomato and thick cream. It turns out it is thick, with a creamy taste and the meatballs soaked her, be tender and gentle.
Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making cutlets from minced meat in the oven with gravy.
Break the loaf into pieces and cover with cold water, leave for 10 minutes. Is necessary to fill it with cold water so the loaf was soft, but left its structure. From the hot water she boiled and turns to mush. Instead of bread you can take white bread, but cut all the peel.
The bread is not much to overcome, and put it into the blender. Onions clean, rinse and chop, add to the bread. Punch everything until smooth. Instead of a blender you can all skip through Mincer with a fine grid.
In a bowl put the minced meat and break the egg there. The best homemade stuffing of pork and beef in equal proportions. Also perfect minced pork with chicken.
Add to the bowl with the stuffing, scrolled a loaf of bread with onions.
All salt, pepper and add paprika. If it does not or do not like, just do not add.
All mix well and beat off to seal and elasticity of meat. To do this, lift the meat over the bowl and throw it back. Do this about 10-15 times.
In a bowl pour the flour. It can be absolutely any class, as long as it was without the debris and not spoiled. With wet hands divide the mince into equal parts and make patties. Put in a bowl with the flour.
The form for baking, I have a 20*15 cm, brush with vegetable oil. Roll the meatballs on all sides in flour and place tightly into the form.
Put in hot oven and bake patties for 20 minutes. Patties should be sealed and become elastic. Need it to after adding the gravy they do not fall apart.
While fried cutlets, peel the onion and finely chop. In a pan pour vegetable oil and put the onion.
Carrots peel, wash and grate on a fine grater. Add it to the pan with the onions.
Put on medium heat and sautu00e9 for 2 minutes.
Add to the pan tomato sauce, pour in water and stir. Instead of tomato sauce, you can get ketchup in the same proportion. Or tomato paste, but in 2 times less.
Add to the pan sour cream. Cream take good quality, so it does not curdle cereal later.
All salt, pepper and add a little sugar to balance the acid from the tomato. Stir, bring to a boil, but do not boil.
Remove the meatballs from the oven and fill them with the prepared gravy.
Return the form to the oven and roast the meatballs in the gravy for 15 minutes.
Remove the meatballs from the oven and serve immediately. These cutlets suitable for any side dish, due to the fact that they are served with gravy.
Bon appetit.

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Bun 50 gram
Dishes with eggs 1 pc
Flour 3 teaspoons
Ground black pepper
Minced meat 400 gram
onion 1 pc
Paprika 0.5 tablespoons
Sugar 0.5 tablespoons
Tomato sauce 4 teaspoons
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons
water 250 ml
With sour cream budget recipes with photos 2 teaspoons
With step-by-step recipes carrot carrot 1 pc


Total calories 185
Total fat 14
Total carbohydrates 9
Total protein 6