Custard cookies

Cooking time
120 min

Custard cookies - great for the home tea party! Prepared with his own hands and from natural products, it turns out insanely delicious. Liver to this perfect custard, kimchis butter, cottage cheese, or just boiled condensed milk, the filling you can choose any according to Your taste.

Be prepared for the fact that the flour may require more or less than indicated in the recipe. Focuses not on the amount of flour, and desired dough consistency.
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe.
Sift the flour into a bowl.
Water pour in a saucepan with a thick bottom, add oil and sugar and bring to a boil.
One movement immediately stir in all the flour and start to disturb, stir until the dough will gather in a clump on the bottom of the pan start to form a "velvet" layer. Set aside the dough and allow it to cool to a warm state it will take about 10 minutes. To speed up the cooling process of the test can put the pan with the dough in a bowl of cold water.
Once the dough has cooled start to add the eggs one at a time. Broke one and start to mix him into the batter active movements, on top of the dough and the egg will resist and will not want to connect with each other, then be patient and continue to mix, in the end, the egg will intervene in the dough, then break the next. So mix in the three eggs and look at the consistency test.
The finished dough should be smooth and drip off the blades with tape, forming a triangle. If the dough is still cool, take the fourth egg, break it into a bowl, stir thoroughly with a fork, add a third of the eggs to the dough, stir, check the consistency, if necessary, add another third of the eggs, stir. It took me three and a half eggs.
Turn batter into a pastry bag, I used the attachment "closed star", if no pastry bag, use a strong bag, put into it the dough and cut area of approximately one centimeter, you can also use a spoon, put or place on a baking sheet with parchment paper future the cookies, I got 16 cookies with a diameter of about five centimeters.
Bake in preheated to 200 degrees oven for 15 minutes, then reduce to 170 degree and bake for another 20-25 minutes, the time may potrebovalis more or less, be guided by your oven. Finished cookies should be browned, airy and easy to move away from the parchment. With a crust on the outside and hollow inside. It remains to choose the filling, sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy. Bon appetit!

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butter 75 gram
Eggs recipes with photos 4 pc
Flour 175 gram
Sugar 1 teaspoons
water 250 ml


Total calories 207
Total fat 12
Total carbohydrates 18
Total protein 7