Cupcake in a mug in 5 minutes in the microwave

Cooking time
5 min
ОшI want sweet right now?) Dessert in 5 minutes! This recipe is a godsend when I want sweet moment! Preparing cupcakes is very simple. A few minutes for kneading the dough and a couple minutes in the microwave and voila! Dessert in 5 minutes! There is one condition that must be met - weigh all the ingredients with a kitchen scale, "by eye" is not appropriate. Products in this recipe are chosen so that the finished cupcake will not "rubber" as sometimes happens with cakes in the microwave. Prepare your health and delight your family with delicious desserts!
As a filling for this cupcake can use whatever your heart desires - a piece of dark and milk chocolate, a spoonful of jam or chocolate spread. Cupcake each time will have a new taste! Bon appetit!
Prepare the most common products. The filler I used paste "Nutella". If you do not want to take a piece of chocolate would also be delicious.
In a bowl sift dry ingredients - flour, cocoa powder and baking powder.
Mix all well with a whisk.
In a separate bowl break eggs, add milk and vegetable oil.
All mix well with a fork.
Now combine the liquid ingredients with the dry.
Carefully stir the mixture with a whisk. The dough should be smooth, not too liquid and not too thick. It should slowly run off the spoon.
Take a Cup of at least 350 ml of volume. So when baking a cake do not run away) If you want, you can lightly grease the mug with butter. I do not, oil is already in the recipe and the cupcake perfectly behind the mug. In the center of the dough put the our media - in my case it teaspoon paste "Nutella".
Now the cooking power of my microwave is 800 watts. Put a mug with dough in the microwave and turn on for 2 minutes. This time is enough so that the cupcake is cooked and became rubbery. If you think that is not enough time - add just half a minute, but no more. And if you have a more powerful microwave, then start with fifteen minutes of cooking. Better to hold than to overdo.
And here is the finished cake! I easily drew out of the Cup in which was preparing another Cup - as you can see even without smudging circles cupcake does not stick))
Can sprinkle the cake with powdered, pour sour cream, add fresh fruit to your taste!. Pasta "Nutella" has created the liquid inside the middle of the cupcake turned out amazing!
Cook health and delicious!

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baking powder 0.25 tablespoons
Cocoa powder 10 gram
eggs 1 pc
Flour 40 gram
milk 3 teaspoons
Peanut butter 1 tablespoons
Sugar 30 gram
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons


Total calories 325
Total fat 22
Total carbohydrates 26
Total protein 7