Couscous with vegetables

Cooking time
25 min
Useful and bright side dish is prepared simply and quickly. Couscous, prepared according this recipe, will sparkle with new colors and will be able to attract the attention of those who did not love him (yet). The side dish turns out juicy, spicy and attractive in appearance. Prepared quickly and suitable for meat, chicken or fish.
The vegetables in this dish are added to the pan in that order due to their speed of cooking. That is, the first are those that are cooked longer and at the very end - the ones that cooked faster just. My dish was extinguished not more than twenty minutes from start cooking a roast and before adding the couscous.
Before serving, garnish can garnish with fresh herbs.
Bon appetit!
Onions clean from the husk and finely chop. Wash carrots under running water by rubbing the rind with a brush to remove heavy contamination. The carrots should be pretty finely chopped with a knife, so she has time to prepare. Instead of carrots, you can grate it. Onions and carrots - just those two ingredients, which are traditionally included in the contents for many dishes.
Pan with non-stick coating and low sides, heat on high heat. Pour in the sunflower oil and heat up it. Fire reduce to medium. Put the carrots and onions obzhivatjsya until soft. It will take about five minutes. Periodically stir the vegetables so they don't burn.
Wash bell pepper and remove seeds and the stalk. You can use bell pepper of any color, this will change only the appearance of the dish. Slice the peppers medium-sized pieces and add to the pan. Saute vegetables for several minutes until pepper is slightly softened.
Zucchini wash zucchini and cut into medium dice, add to the pan the rest of the vegetables and stir.
The last ingredient of vegetables - the cherry tomatoes. They also need to wash and cut, for example, in half lengthwise. You can grind and stronger. Add the tomatoes to the pan.
Salt and pepper the vegetables to taste. At this stage you can add dried or fresh herbs and any other seasonings you like. I use a mixture of herbs: Basil, oregano and mint.
Toss the vegetables and flatten them with a cooking spatula. Top evenly sprinkle the couscous.
Pour the couscous filtered water and cover with a lid, simmer the dish on low heat until complete evaporation of moisture. It will happen pretty quickly, but all different because of the peculiarities of cooktops and pans. I extinguished four minutes. Couscous cooks very quickly, and even this short time it was enough to swell and to reach readiness.
The finished dish, stir again, and serve.

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A mixture of herbs
Carrot recipes quick simple 1 pc
Cherry tomatoes 12 pc
Chili pepper ground
Couscous 1 cups
onion 1 pc
Pepper recipes homemade 1 pc
vegetable oil 2 teaspoons
water 1 cups
Zucchini recipes with step by step photos 1 pc


Total calories 63
Total fat 3
Total carbohydrates 7
Total protein 1