Classic lavash with chicken

Cooking time
40 min
A simple and quick recipe for a delicious Lavash.Lavash is a very tasty dish. And cooked at home, it is still useful. Vegetables, meat, tortilla - all perfectly complement each other. This is a great option for a hearty snack.
To make the classic lavash more dietary, you can use boiled chicken breast, and mayonnaise can replace sour cream. Of course, the taste will suffer. The classic lavash filling can vary according to your taste. You can add Korean carrot, mushrooms and various other vegetables.
To prepare the meat, prepare everything you need. Vegetables - cucumber and tomato wash properly. Cabbage can be used as a normal cabbage, and Beijing. I like Beijing because it is softer in itself, and the children of such a deli more like. For sauce, combine in a small bowl the mayonnaise and ketchup. Mix them well until smooth.
Chicken fillet cut into thin strips and fry in a hot pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. To taste add salt and spices. As spices I use pepper, paprika and dried Basil. When I fry meat for Shawarma, then sprinkle with spices quite liberally, as this will be the primary taste and aroma of the finished dish.
Finely shred the cabbage. If you use white, then slightly remember her hands that it became a little softer.
Cucumber and tomato cut into thin strips.
Lay on the table a sheet of pita bread and brush it with prepared sauce or ketchup and mayonnaise. The edges of the sheet to smear it is not necessary. Leave a place that was convenient to curtail into a roll. Put on pita bread shredded cabbage.
Put fried meat, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Tuck the sides of lavash, then roll into loaf. A little push to Shawarma became denser.
Shawarma is ready, fry on a dry pan or on the grill on both sides. Why fry Shawarma? During the roasting sheet of lavash dries up a bit outside and forms a delicious crunchy crust, and inside you will wait for the juicy filling.
A hearty and delicious dish is ready! Help yourself while it's still warm. Bon appetit!

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Cabbage recipes are easy and delicious 150 gram
Chicken 250 gram
Cucumbers 1 pc
From thin pita 100 gram
Ketchup 50 gram
Mayonnaise 50 gram
Spices dry
Tomatoes 1 pc
vegetable oil 20 gram


Total calories 146
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 11
Total protein 9