Classic Greek salad with croutons and chicken

Cooking time
45 min
Unusual version of the Greek salad. Bright, fresh, original, tasty! The salad is very tasty, bright, colorful, appetizing and flavorful. It is easy to decorate any table and will delight your home, and guests. All the ingredients blend perfectly and complement each other. Try to cook it, and You will not be able to put down!
Products required for preparation of salad. The olives are extracted in advance from the brine. Chicken pre-baked in the oven with salt, black pepper and cooled. Greens and vegetables are washed and drained.
Begin preparation of salad with, cut into cubes a loaf, put on baking tray future the crackers and put them in the oven to dry at 180 degrees. Several times turn, bring to light brown colour. Cool. Can simplify the task and buy 100-150 grams of ready-made croutons.
Next, prepare the filling. In a bowl pour olive oil, red wine vinegar and squeeze the lemon juice, add salt, finely chopped dried or fresh oregano, a little black pepper there same finely chop the Basil. Stir it carefully.
In the same bowl put the diced feta or another salty cheese, or cheese. Gently mix the cheese with the dressing, infuse. In the result, the cheese will absorb all the flavors of the filling.
Tomatoes should be cut into large, one small - into 4 pieces each, cucumbers and peppers - large diced (if cucumber skin is tough, it needs to be cut).
Cut onion into quarter-rings, and chicken - cubes.
Torn hands salad for arbitrary large pieces.
In a large bowl mix all prepared ingredients of the salad except olives and cheese in the dressing,gently stir.
On the dish lay out prepared Greek salad. Spread on top the present in the cheese filling, pour the remnants of the salad dressings, sprinkle with croutons. Help yourself, it's delicious!

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Basil recipes homemade
Baton 150 gram
Chicken 250 gram
Cucumber recipes delicious dishes with photos 2 pc
Ground black pepper
Lemons 0.25 pc
Lettuce 5 pc
olive oil 4 teaspoons
Olives 200 gram
onion 1 pc
Oregano dry 1 tablespoons
Pepper step-by-step recipes 2 pc
Pickled cheese 150 gram
Red wine vinegar 2 teaspoons
Tomatoes cooking recipes with photos 6 pc


Total calories 121
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 7
Total protein 6