Classic Greek salad with chicken

Cooking time
40 min
Greek salad with chicken - culinary classics of the genre. A favorite of many salad with a delicious sostavlenii, which are perfectly combined among themselves. Easy snack dish for an aperitif. On the festive table this salad will look perfectly, as it is very original and kind of unusual.
Recipe of this salad for six. And this means that cooked food is enough for dinner for the whole family. This salad combines very well with red dry Greek wine. In my family this dish is just love. I cook it mostly for the holidays, are not to be missed: birthday, New year, March 8, Valentine's Day. But since these holidays of the year is not very much, I also between them is not forget about this delicious snack salad. In General, as I have missed it and are preparing. If you ever try this salad, then for him immediately fall in love!
Love this dish, I want to share with you the recipe and tell you how to prepare classic Greek salad with chicken. To start preparing the grocery list.
Chicken fillet boil. To do this, put it in a saucepan and pour the boiling water. This is to ensure that the proteins that typically emerge in the form of foam, this time brewed in the meat. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes until fully cooked. Catches the chicken pieces with a slotted spoon and leave to cool to room temperature. Then chop them into small pieces.
Onions wash and shred.
Feta cheese cut into small cubes.
In a deep bowl put chicken, onion, cheese and pine nuts. Add to salad cherry tomatoes cut into two parts.
Next, put the black olives, pitted, cut into rings.
Finally add the finely chopped leaves of lettuce.
In a separate bowl, mix oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Oil and vinegar mix very hard, as they have different density. Therefore, it is possible to slightly blend the mixture with a whisk.

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Chicken Kura step by step recipes at home 700 gram
Dill 60 gram
Feta cheese recipes with step by step photos 200 gram
Green onion cooking 80 gram
Ground black pepper
Lettuce 65 gram
olive oil 60 ml
Olives 50 gram
Pine nuts 50 gram
Tomatoes recipes with step by step photos 5 pc
Vinegar 2 teaspoons


Total calories 169
Total fat 11
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 15