Classic cake Pancho with pineapple

Cooking time
720 min
Delicious and delicate cake! Very easy to prepare! Cake "Pancho" will satisfy the sweet tooth of all ages. Sour cream and a layer of pineapple combines perfectly with the fluffy and airy sponge cake. In addition to the pineapple filling can be to change to strawberries, bananas, nuts. In any case, it will be very tasty!
This cake is quite simple to prepare! He easily prepared at home. Soft, tender and tasty - it will be a great treat for any festive occasion. Even suitable for a children's party.
To prepare the sponge cake beat eggs with sugar until the volume increases,to learn from the lush foam. Flour with soda sift and fold gently into the egg mixture.
Half of the dough pour into the baking dish. In the remaining batter mix in the cocoa and pour the remaining batter into the second form. (18-22cm) Place both forms in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
Ready sponge let cool and remove from forms.
One biscuit cut one layer 1.5 cm thick. This will be the base for the cake. The rest of the biscuits cut into cubes. Much finely cut is not necessary.
Canned pineapple, remove from the jar, pre-drain the juice into a mug. Yourself pineapple cut into cubes.
For the cream whisk fat sour cream (25% fat) with sugar in a magnificent mass.
The cake and the little cubes impregnated with syrup from pineapple. Smear the cake sour cream.
Cubes of pineapple then dip in sour cream and place on the cake. Then put a layer of sliced pineapples. Each layer is spread in a diameter slightly less than the previous to form of a cake slide.
Then another layer of cubes, a layer of pineapple and top with the last layer of cubes. Then on the sides plenty of grease remaining cream. Put the assembled cake in the fridge for a few hours to cake soaked and froze.
For glaze smash the chocolate into pieces and pour cream. Put on the fire to warm up. With continuous stirring until the chocolate is melted. The glaze is slightly cool, not hot.
Pour the finished cake with chocolate icing. Allow time for glaze to harden and serve. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 1 gram
Chocolate 70 gram
Cocoa powder 2 teaspoons
Cream 30 gram
Egg recipes in a hurry 6 pc
Flour 200 gram
Pineapples 300 gram
Powdered sugar 150 gram
Sour cream 600 gram
Sugar 250 gram


Total calories 240
Total fat 10
Total carbohydrates 32
Total protein 5