Classic Apple pie with apples in the oven lush

Cooking time
60 min
Regular Apple pie is relevant at all times! Apple pie with apples - it's the easiest and most delicious pie. In this version of the recipe in the dough is added salt. The dough was very interesting, moderately sweet. With apples very well. And now I can cook!
This time I did not add the cinnamon, vanilla or cloves. I think that here they are not needed. But, if you like, add ground cinnamon (0.5 tsp. l) or a pinch of vanillin. Vanilla can be replaced vanilla sugar. It is important to be careful with the dosage. Be sure to read the instructions. If vanilla to add more than specified, it will give bitterness and pastries will be spoiled.
To apples you can add chopped walnuts or raisins. Dried fruits should be washed and steam so that they become soft. Pour the raisins with boiling water. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Mix the softened raisins with fruit.
Be prepared for the fact that the flour you may need slightly more or less than indicated in the recipe. It is necessary to focus on what the dough is supposed to be (dense, soft, liquid, etc.). A lot of useful information about why the flour is even one grade may have completely different properties
Keep in mind that ovens are different. Temperature and cooking times may differ from those listed in the recipe. To any baked dish turned out to be successful, take advantage of useful information
Measure and prepare all the necessary ingredients. You will need three large eggs, flour, sugar. Two green and one red Apple of medium size or 5-6 small fruits.
In the tank connect the eggs with the sugar. Beat with a mixer at low speed for 3-5 minutes until fluffy. How to check that the egg mass was enough whipped? The mixture should turn white and visibly increase in volume, and the sugar crystals completely dissolve. Swipe halo line, if it does not disappear for 1-2 seconds, then the eggs with the sugar well whipped. If the trail immediately spreads and disappears, continue mixing.
It is important to sift the flour to saturate it with oxygen. Depends on the fluffiness of the cakes. As the variety and quality of the flour is different, the amount may vary in the big or smaller party. In any case, sift more flour than stated in the recipe.
Put flour into the egg mixture, but not all at once. Add it in small portions as long as necessary to achieve the desired consistency of the dough. It should be like thick cream. Every time continue whisking with a mixer at low speed.
Add salt. Stir with a silicone spatula, but not for long, otherwise the dough will settle and cake to turn out dense. The consistency should be smooth, homogeneous, lump-free, viscous, creamy. If done correctly, the batter will drain from the spoon wide ribbon.
Prepare the filling of apples. What kind of apples work best? Choose green sour-sweet and very juicy fruits. Because of the excessive moisture of the cakes may be difficult to climb. Take dense fruit. Soft baked fall apart and turn to mush, and we need them to retain their shape and structure.
Thoroughly wash the fruit. Drain them paper towels. Peel is not required. Cut the fruit in half. Remove the core with seeds. Cut into neat slices thickness of about 1 cm or small cubes. To the fruit is not darkened, sprinkle them with lemon juice. The more apples will be in baking, the better. But don't overdo it. A large number of toppings will not allow dough to rise to desired size.
Take a round form (u2349 22 cm). The capacity can be bigger, but pie will not be as high. Cover the bottom with parchment. Or smear it with butter or refined sunflower oil. Important not to overdo it with fat, as this will affect the baking. The bottom and sides of the form, sprinkle with flour or semolina. Put the Apple cubes. If you cut the slices, lay them in a fan.
On top of the apples pour the batter. Roll form to sponge mass filled all the space between Apple slices. It is important for 10-15 minutes before baking, turn the oven to preheat to 180 degrees, because the cake should be sent in to bake immediately. The dough should not stand, otherwise you'll fall off.
Bake the pie for about 30-40 minutes until Golden brown. To biscuit not a donkey, do not open the oven for the first 20 minutes. Maybe the baking temperature need to increase or decrease, it all depends on your oven. How to plan your baking? Pierce the dough with a dry wooden skewer. If she got dry, then Apple pie is ready. Gently pull the finished cake out of shape. Cool. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve for tea!

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Apples 400 gram
Dishes with eggs 3 pc
Flour 170 gram
Sugar 150 gram


Total calories 180
Total fat 3
Total carbohydrates 34
Total protein 5