Chopped cutlet of chicken with cheese

Cooking time
80 min
Chicken cutlets with cheese and herbs - yum! Son asked for a long time to cook something like chicken nuggets from McDonald's. I made these cutlets. This, of course, not quite the same, but no less delicious. The secret is that the meat does not scroll in a meat grinder, and crushed by hand with a knife. Patties will be juicy and soft.
I got 8 cutlets medium size.
Prepare the ingredients.
Grate cheese on a fine grater. Greens wash, dry and finely chop.
Chicken fillet wash, dry and cut into small pieces.
To combine meat, cheese, mustard and herbs.
Season with salt and pepper and mix well.
Beat egg until smooth and lightly salt.
Pour the breadcrumbs into a bowl.
To form a minced meat medium-sized patties.
Each cutlet and roll in breadcrumbs, dip in beaten egg and again roll in breadcrumbs.
Fry patties in hot butter on both sides until Golden brown.

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Cheese 40 gram
Chicken 400 gram
Dill 30 gram
Eggs recipes step by step at home 1 pc
Grainy mustard 30 gram
Ground black pepper
In breadcrumbs what to cook 50 gram


Total calories 150
Total fat 5
Total carbohydrates 7
Total protein 20