Chocolate cake with walnuts

Cooking time
150 min

Chocolate cake with impregnation and sour cream. The cake is very chocolate due to the density test. The dough is prepared first, like sponge cake, but the flour it goes more, plus cocoa powder. Cocoa measure tablespoons without slides. The density and porosity of the finished cake clearly visible in the photo.
Prepare the list of ingredients: for the dough u2013 4 eggs, 150 g sugar and flour, 4 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tsp. baking powder for cream u2013 100 g sour cream, 50 g sugar, vanilla, and dipping to 80 ml of syrup. Walnut kernels u2013 50 g, and they go in the dough and in the cream.
For shape take a piece of butter and breadcrumbs.
Grease a baking dish with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
Walnuts grind.
Ground nuts may be divided into two parts u2013 for the dough and cream.
Combine eggs with sugar in a deep container and start whipping.
Beat eggs with sugar to increase mass three times.
Then in the beaten fluffy mass add mixture of dry ingredients u2013 flour, cocoa powder, baking powder.
The mass is well kneaded, it is pretty solid.
Then add chopped walnuts.
Knead the dough a minute, you can with a mixer, but you can with a spoon.
Spread chocolate batter into the prepared pan, the surface is leveled.
Put the form with the dough in the hot oven and bake at 180 degrees for 40 min.
After 40 minutes take out the pan from the oven, remove it from the hot cake, it is dense. Allow the cake to cool on a wire rack, then cut into 2 or 3 layers.
Cakes put to impregnate the slices to the top.
Pour slices of chocolate cakes with syrup and leave to soak for a few minutes.
While the cakes are soaking, prepare cream, combine sour cream with sugar, vanilla and chopped nuts, reserve some nuts for topping of cake.
Sour cream with nuts, beat with a mixer until the sugar dissolves, 2-3 minutes. The cream will be runny.
Apply sour cream on the syrup-soaked slices of cakes.
Fluff sour cream cakes folded on each other, on top of the whole cake grease remaining cream and sprinkle with crushed walnuts. The finished cake put into the refrigerator for the best impregnation and solidification.

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baking powder 1 tablespoons
Chicken eggs 4 pc
Cocoa powder 4 teaspoons
Sour cream 100 gram
Sugar 50 gram
Syrup 80 ml
Vanilla 0.2 gram
walnuts 50 gram
Wheat flour 150 gram


Total calories 297
Total fat 10
Total carbohydrates 47
Total protein 8