Chocolate cake with cherries and sour cream

Cooking time
720 min
Tasty cherry cake for any occasion! I love the cakes with cherries. And sour cream are very handy. At this cream the taste is not cloyingly sweet and with some sourness from the sour cream. And cakes sour cream soaked best.
If this cake is meant to cook only for the adult table, then soak cakes can cherry liqueur. The taste will play in a new way. I think many will appreciate this step!
For making chocolate biscuit cake in the bowl of a mixer beat the egg and add the sugar. Beat all together several minutes until fluffy mass. While whisking the eggs will be much lighter.
Then into the egg mixture gradually, in stages, stir in the flour with soda and cocoa. Here the mixer is not required, as this is best done with a whisk by hand, so that the mixture remains fluffy and airy.
The finished dough pour in the form (20-22 cm) baking and put in oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes. Ready cake remove from the form and cool. This cake turns out very tender, so it is best completely cooled cake to put in the package and put into the refrigerator for about night. When you prepare a cake cake, remove and cut into 4 Korzh. The cake will go 3, and the fourth to leave the sprinkles.
For the cream whisk the sour cream with sugar until thick fluffy cream. Cream to take not less than 25%. At 25% fat you can add a little thickener. And with 30-35% fat sour cream by itself is whipped perfectly.
For the filling, if using frozen cherries, then it must first be thawed. Juice drain is not necessary. This juice soaked biscuits. Then sandwich the cake with cream and put cherries.
Assemble the cake. Top and sides cover the same cream.
The remaining one sponge cake crush with a blender and sprinkle the cake sides. You can sprinkle the top of the cake.
And you can garnish with a little cream, cherries and grated chocolate. Although the decoration of the cake will depend on solemn events. The finished cake put in the refrigerator for a few hours, so he got soaked with cream and frozen. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 0.25 tablespoons
Cherry 350 gram
Cocoa powder 2 teaspoons
Eggs recipes with photos step by step 5 pc
Flour 160 gram
Powdered sugar 150 gram
Sour cream 450 gram
Sugar 160 gram


Total calories 218
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 41
Total protein 5