Chocolate Cake Olga

Cooking time
120 min
Extremely delicious, original flavored cake. Suggest! The cake is really very tasty, will certainly suit those who don't like too sweet, sugary desserts. It taste sour, juicy apples and cherries is complemented with a taste of marshmallow,cream,set off by a taste of dark chocolate. The cake is the feelings, despite the presence of cream and chocolate, not very greasy, but very nourishing, high in calories. It is easy to do if You are invited into a large group of 10-15 people.
Tips: 1.The cream is unsweetened, you can use sweet, adding a little sugar or icing sugar is better, but you can use other cream or condensed milk, but keep in mind that this cake will be much sweeter. 2.Jam can be used as decoration for the cake, namely as a glaze.
The products needed to prepare the dough. In the photo - the volume of products on the cake 2.
Walnuts fry until Golden color on a dry, hot pan.
Washed apples clear from the seeds, cut thin slices. Add nutmeg, cinnamon, honey and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Mix and set aside until needed.
The cooled walnuts chopped (preferably small).
First prepare the dough for 1 crust. Lightly beat into a soft mousse 3 eggs with 1 Cup sugar. It is sufficient that the sugar and eggs well blended and sugar is slightly dissolved. You can even abandon the use of the mixer and mix vigorously until smooth the eggs and sugar with a whisk or wooden spoon.
Add half of the chopped walnuts into the egg mixture and stir.
1 Cup flour sifted through a fine sieve directly into the mixture of sugar and eggs. Knead the dough - it should have the consistency of thick cream.
Preheat the oven to 180 u00b0C. Split form with a diameter of 24 cm greased with vegetable oil (preferably on the bottom of the form to put a circle of parchment paper, so it will be easier to remove the cake: just flip it over ready the cooled cake and gently take off his layer of parchment paper).
Pour on the bottom of the form a quarter of the prepared apples.
On top of the apples pour half of the dough, then pour another quarter the apples and fill them with the remaining batter. The surface of the cake should be smooth, and the dough should completely cover the Apple slices. You can do simply the following: to put on the bottom of the form half of the total volume of the cooked apples, pour on them the dough, carefully mix it with the apples. Put the form with the 1st cake in the preheated oven and bake for 25-30 min. let Cool in the form.
When the 1st cake layer has cooled, get it out of shape, we coat the top of cherry jam. Knead in exactly the same way as shown in the previous photo, the dough from the remaining half of the baked products and the same 2nd layer.As a variant: in the batter of the 2nd layer, you can add 1 tbsp finely ground coffee or half the chopped chocolate.
You can fluff jam is only one layer, and it is possible to strengthen, to make more vivid the taste of the cake,to do the following. In a small saucepan over low heat, melt the 100 g of cherry jam. Wipe it through a sieve or grind in a blender until smooth, add 2 tbsp water, put on high heat. While stirring bring the mixture to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Let the mixture cool slightly. Will popitem it both cake.
Products for the filling and chocolate icing,and cake decorating.
Marshmallows are divided into halves. In a Cup pour hot water and, dipping her knife, cut each half marshmallow into two parts. Hot water allows you to cut marshmallows evenly and gently, and marshmallow mass does not stick to the knife blade.Then spread on the crust in a single layer of sliced marshmallows.
Unsweetened whipped cream in a food processor with fixer cream(if they are low fat)to density. You can whisk and metal beater, pre-placing a container with cream on ice or in cold water. Spread on top of marshmallow whipped cream, not forgetting to be postponed separately some cream to lubricate the sides of the bottom layer of the cake, and 2 tbsp. of cream to put them in a chocolate glaze.
Break into small pieces 1.5 chocolate bars (half of the tiles left on the chocolate chips)and put in a bowl and cream together. Put the bowl in a water bath. The water should be very hot but not boiling. Melt the chocolate,stirring constantly, and make sure it is evenly mixed with the cream.
Put on top a layer of cream the second cake and lightly presses on it, so grabbed the marshmallow layer. If the sides of the cake turned out uneven and sloppy, they should be cut a little. Do it best with a sharp knife in a circle, thus forming a smooth cylinder. Melted chocolate is poured onto the top of the cake and distribute heated in hot water the blades. Let the glaze will cover the side surface of the upper layer.
Thawed, cleaned of seeds, cherries spread on the frosting, gently pressing into the chocolate. Give the chocolate to harden for 10 minutes. Sides of the lower crust in a circle daubed remnants of cream and sprinkle chocolate chips. Put the cake in the fridge. Before serving, take it out and cut. Chilled it even tastier! Prepare and try, You'll like it!

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Apples 1
Bitter chocolate 200 gram
Cherry 200 gram
Cream fatty 2 teaspoons
Egg dishes what to cook 6 pc
Flour 2 cups
Ground cinnamon 1 tablespoons
honey 2 teaspoons
Jam 50 gram
Marshmallows 300 gram
nutmeg 0.5 tablespoons
Sugar 2 cups
walnuts 0.5 cups


Total calories 236
Total fat 9
Total carbohydrates 40
Total protein 4