Chicken necks in the oven

Cooking time
130 min
Simple to prepare, very nutritious, and also tasty! Cook this dish from time to time, as my husband loves chicken necks. And no wonder - the meat on this part of the chicken carcass soft, delicate and very special taste. A preliminary marinating chacham adds a wonderful flavor and juiciness.
1. Washed and cleaned from veins and fat chicken necks hour to marinate in a mixture of tomato paste, soy sauce, garlic powder and spices. 2. Marinated neck bake in the oven in the sleeve at 180 degrees for 40-60 minutes. 3. For a couple of minutes until tender necks to reveal the sleeve and bake in the clear. Bon appetit!

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Chicken necks 500 gram
Garlic powder 5 gram
Soy sauce 40 ml
Spices dry 10 gram
Tomato paste 40 gram


Total calories 262
Total fat 22
Total carbohydrates 6
Total protein 13