Cheese cake without baking

Cooking time
480 min
Skewer onto the cake surface you can draw any patterns. This cake is so delicate, that he did not believe that it consists mostly of cottage cheese. This effect can be achieved with the help of a blender, so it's best to whisk the cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar in it blender.
Basis. To prepare the basics we need: cookies (sugar or biscuit), butter.
Cookies grind in a blender into crumbs. The cookies I took Hercules with almonds. And all the cake like it even more than curd. So suggest for this tart peanut cookies.
Butter to melt.
Pour the butter into biscuits.
Mix well. Should be a moist, elastic crumb.
Fully carpeted with plastic wrap baking dish (u00d8 18 to 20 cm) to put the crumbs of biscuits and thoroughly compacted to the cake tightly to form walls. Put the form in the refrigerator to basis frozen.
Filling. To prepare the filling for the cake we need: cottage cheese (preferably dry, wet, no grains, 5-9% fat); sour cream (20-25 % fat); bitter or dark chocolate; sugar, cream (10% fat); gelatin and cold water for soaking gelatin.
Cover the gelatine with 150-180 ml of cold water. Leave to swell for 10-15 minutes.
In a saucepan pour the cream, put them broken into pieces chocolate.
Stirring occasionally, melt the chocolate on low heat. Melted chocolate to cool.
In the bowl of a blender put the cheese, sour cream and sugar. All whisk until smooth.
Divide the cottage cheese-sour cream mass into 2 equal parts.
Swollen gelatin to warm to dissolve.
In one part add melted chocolate.
The mass is thoroughly mixed, so that the chocolate went.
Pour half of the melted gelatin into the cottage cheese and half the chocolate. Thoroughly mix both masses until smooth. They should be about the same consistency. It is necessary that the surface has the pattern. If one mass is heavier than the other, it will drown. And they need to be both kept on the surface. Therefore, the weight of which is more viscous, can be diluted with cream to desired consistency.
The cake remove from the refrigerator. In the centre, pour 5 tbsp of the chocolate mass, and then 5 tbsp of curd mass. Alternating the two types of cream, fill the entire form.
On the surface to make a pattern using skewers. Put the cake in the refrigerator until fully cured (5-8 hours).
The finished cake remove from the mold and cut into pieces. Bon appetit!

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Bitter chocolate 100 gram
butter 150 gram
Cheese 400 gram
Cream 75 ml
Gelatin 30 gram
Shortbread cookies 200 gram
Sour cream 400 gram
Sugar 200 gram


Total calories 364
Total fat 21
Total carbohydrates 25
Total protein 8