Carrot salad with shrimp and cucumbers

Cooking time
75 min
Seafood makes dishes tastier and more refined. Try it!
This dish of Greek cuisine I learned to cook at an early age. Shrimp I always liked and I used to collect any newspaper clippings and calendars, where there are two or recipes of food from them. So I got this easy cooking recipe and now I often make cucumber and carrot salad with shrimp. Just to prepare, and taste absolutely amazing. Therefore, it is among my favorites. Frozen shrimp about fifteen minutes put in the microwave on the defrost setting, then remove the shells and dismantled krevetok on volochysky. At that time cook in the same pan potatoes with carrots. When they are cooked and sufficiently cooled, cut them in small cubes. Half the vegetables seasoned with mayonnaise and put in the centre of the bowl, spread on top krevetsky. On the rim of the dish put the remaining cubes of potatoes and carrots. Was crushed dill and sprinkle them Greek culinary miracle. A small celebration you can have always if in the freezer lying around the packaging of shrimp, recipe cucumber-carrot salad with shrimp at hand. Such food rarely leaves anyone indifferent, and lovers of seafood and all admire, and certainly put it on the table several times. Often have to double the amount of ingredients, but for a dinner for a close circle of friends is usually enough.

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carrots 3 pc
Cucumbers 2 pc
Green peas 5 teaspoons
Mayonnaise 125 gram
Potatoes 3 pc
Shrimp 300 gram


Total calories 113
Total fat 6
Total carbohydrates 8
Total protein 6