Carrot cheese cake

Cooking time
150 min

Simple and good recipe for this famous cake! Carrot cheese cake is airy, but moist at the same time, it's all together and place. Recipes of carrot cake, there are many, this one is successful. The cake will turn even the novice, if you follow all the steps.

1. My carrots, then peel and grate on a medium grater. Wash and dry nuts (can be pecans or simply walnuts), finely chop them. If you decide to add to the dough raisins, also my it and soaked 20 minutes in warm water, after water is drained, my raisins again and dry with paper towel. Pineapple (Apple, pear), cut into very small cubes (can be crushed in a blender). In advance take out of the refrigerator butter that it has time to soften. 2. Included to warm up the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Two baking dish with a diameter of 22-24 cm lubricated small amount of vegetable oil and vystelim then baking paper. 3. In a large deep bowl combine together practically all the dry ingredients: sift flour, add baking powder and baking soda, add salt and ground cinnamon, ginger powder and ground nutmeg. With a beater all a good stir. 4. In another bowl, pour vegetable oil, whisk it to a froth, then put the fruit cubes, pour the brown and regular sugar, pour in the vanilla extract. All good whisk. Then break the eggs one by one, each time whisking the mixture until smooth. 5. Combine the dry and wet mixture, adding the former to the latter in small pieces. Stir until smooth, remembering to scrape the dough from the walls, and then add to the bowl of grated carrots (the pre-press juice), chopped nuts and raisins. Mix everything. 6. Divide the batter in two prepared forms and put in the time to heat up the oven for 40-45 minutes. Time may need slightly less or slightly more. The readiness of the biscuit easy to check. Inserted into center of cake dry wooden skewer, after it is extracted and check for dryness. If it is clean and dry, cake is ready. Get the form from the oven and leave them in a biscuit for half an hour. After you put the cake (after removing the baking paper) on a grid to cool down. 7. In a large bowl put the cream cheese and softened butter. Whisk it with a mixer for 2-3 minutes until smooth. Speed the mixer is set low. Add vanilla extract, salt and powdered sugar (it is possible to adjust the sweetness of the cream to your taste). Mix all until thick and smooth. 8. Collect the cake, accurately between his cream cakes, cream coating the top and sides. After you decorate the finished cake to your taste - nuts, berries, grated chocolate. Delicious tea party!

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baking powder 14 gram
baking soda 7 gram
brown sugar 200 gram
butter 50 gram
carrots 250 gram
Cream cheese 250 gram
Egg recipes in a hurry 4 pc
Flour 295 gram
Ginger powder 5 gram
Ground cinnamon 10 gram
nutmeg 1.5 gram
Pineapples 110 gram
Powdered sugar 360 gram
raisins 60 gram
salt 2.5 gram
Sugar 200 gram
vanilla extract 10 ml
vegetable oil 250 ml
walnuts 100 gram


Total calories 361
Total fat 21
Total carbohydrates 44
Total protein 5