Cakes Balls of puff unleavened dough

Cooking time
40 min
Fun and easy to prepare appetizer,among other things, delicious. Very simple, delicious and fun recipe glomeruli of puff pastry! It will appeal to adults and children!!!
In minced chicken put finely chopped onion, seasoning, salt, pepper. Roll the dough in one direction, but not thin. Cut into strips. Shape mince meatballs and each wrapped with strips of dough, like a thread in the tangle of winding. Balls of puff pastry place on a baking tray, grease with egg yolk and bake until cooked at 180-200 degrees.
Mix the ground beef and onions.... sprinkle with salt and pepper
Roll a medium ball.... cut the dough in thin stripes
spread on a baking sheet... grease with beaten egg

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Egg yolks 1 pc
Ground black pepper
Minced chicken 300 gram
onion 1 pc
Puff pastry 125 gram
Spices dry


Total calories 180
Total fat 11
Total carbohydrates 10
Total protein 11