Cake with coconut

Cooking time
480 min
The cake is soft, not too sweet, light ! Recipes "coconut" cakes so much that sometimes it's hard to choose. I love coconut and occasionally something with him cook. This cake is very tender and tasty, it is well impregnated and not cloying. In taste it reminds me of the bounty, but without the dark chocolate. Preparing a little long since soaked, but the result will not disappoint !
This cake several names: "Coconut", "snowflake", "Raffaello" Once I have whipped 35% cream /bought in the supermarket, but turned out to be very icy in the winter in Siberia so is/, go to the store it once and I automatically replaced them with 2 beaten egg whites with sugar. The experiment was successful, and the cream is equally delicious, maybe you once come in handy. Cooking a cake is conveniently divided into two days, and the feast can be prepared in advance. The active cooking time about 1.5 hours, the rest of the batter and then the cake in the refrigerator. Looks very impressive cake high, from cakes d 18-20cm. Always eat whole, on holiday you can easily cook double standards products. The amount of cream is targeted very exactly enough at the time, so increase everything in proportion. The top can be decorated meringue, meringue, white chocolate, candy Raffaello. If you follow the step-by-step description and not replace the products succeed, try !
Products for cream. In addition to coconut - everything from the fridge.
Prepare the CREAM. In the chopped chocolate and add 2st.l. cream from the total volume and melt in a water bath.
The liquid chocolate should be homogeneous, allow to cool to room temperature.
In a separate bowl mix 200g of the cheese and 160g of sour cream, beat with a mixer until smooth on low speed.
In whipped mass add the cooled, soft chocolate and 40g of coconut. Stir with a spatula.
In the other high and well-chilled container/ whip cream until splendor.If the cheese was salty in the cream, you can add 2st.l. sugar. All taste the taste that you like. Beat on low speed then add. Whipped cream add the cream and mix gently with a spatula in one direction.
The cream is white and homogeneous with grains of coconut. The texture is like thick cream pouring and spread. The flavor is delicate, sweet but not cloying. Cream cover with plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator, in cold weather it will be a little thicker.
Products to the test. Eggs, remove from refrigerator in advance.
Prepare DOUGH for cakes. The eggs add a pinch of salt, 120g of sugar, whisk until the flour is no more.
Then the flour mixed with baking powder and sift into the egg mixture. Hand knead homogeneous dough.
The dough will be very sticky,so it should be - flour do not add more. A bowl cover with plastic wrap, put into the refrigerator and forget about it for 3 hours. Sometimes there's no time to wait so much, I can safely leave the dough at this stage and night cream./Why wait so long, what gives? Scientific explanations do not know, but from practice - the dough becomes denser and freezes, without the extra flour and then it is easy to roll out.Is it possible to do 1 hour ? - I suppose that is possible,but I have not tried/.
3 hours to the dough add the melted and chilled 30g butter. Knead well by hand in a bowl and voila, the dough is almost sticky !
The dough I did a little, just 463u0433u0440. I divided it into 8 parts for 57-58u0433u0440. Can be divided into 6 parts, i.e. how many cakes you intend to make. 2 slice, cover and rest until put into the refrigerator.
Parchment or baking Mat to probility flour the piece of dough and a rolling pin also lightly propylite. And roll out the dough very thinly, 1-2mm, it is almost transparent. /For many, this stage causes the difficulty, especially for beginners. Nothing, the dough can be reassembled in a bun and try again and again.. anything more complex will not/. By the way the dough is very plastic, having a skill is rolled out easily.
Right on the parchment the cake to transfer it on a baking sheet and bake in the preheated oven t 180' for about 5 minutes. To pull out as soon as a little setlocals edges, the cake needs to stay white. Immediately to cut it in the shape of the desired size, I took the bottom from the split form d 23cm. The cake almost immediately it becomes brittle as wafers, leave it to cool where it was cut and start rolling and baking the next.
Bake 1 pie shell-mode top-bottom, on average. In addition to the piles of cakes will turn out a number of scraps. They can be crushed and used as another layer /better in the centre/ or add cream, or sprinkle the cake on top. Any option of your choice, in my heart.
Put the CAKE together. At the bottom of the dish to apply a bit of cream, it will fix the cake. Each cake to grease cream, also top and sides. This cake is usually decorated sprinkling the whole coconut and leave to soak for 5-6 hours or overnight in the refrigerator, not forgetting to cover it.
Here is a cake to cut after the impregnation. The cakes were soft, no excessive moisture and is well absorbed. Cream in combination with these cakes is very harmonious, the coconut is gentle, the aroma is light, a little creamy. The cake recipe is very good, and the cream can be used not only for the cake.

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baking powder 1 tablespoons
butter 30 gram
Chicken eggs 2 pc
Coconut 60 gram
Cream fat cooking recipes with photos 300 ml
Of wheaten flour recipes with photos 220 gram
Sugar 120 gram
White chocolate delicious recipes 100 gram
With cream cheese recipes with photos 200 gram
With sour cream step-by-step recipes with photos 160 gram


Total calories 353
Total fat 28
Total carbohydrates 27
Total protein 8