Cake with caramel cream

Cooking time
960 min
Prepare a delicious cake for your family! Treat and surprise! Cake with caramel cream looks fantastic! Chocolate cakes with creamy protein cream and caramel just melt in your mouth! Cooking is not the easiest, but worth a try, because the result is simply stunning! The cake is not small, enough for a big company.
1. In a large bowl sift flour with baking powder and cocoa powder, here it is poured and sugar. In a separate bowl break eggs, pour low-fat cream, add the vegetable oil and vanilla extract, beat with mixer until smooth. Pour the resulting mass into a bowl to dry ingredients, whisk until a homogeneous and smooth mass. Coffee brewed with the specified amount of boiling water, pour in the dough, while vigorously stirring, as if brewing dough. Pour batter in two prepared forms of the same diameter, put into the oven preheated to 180 degrees. Bake the cakes for one hour, you need to focus on your oven. Check the cakes on the willingness of stabbing them with wooden skewer through the centre, if the skewer is dry - then ready. Allow the cakes to cool, extracted from the molds, packaged in plastic wrap and put into the fridge for the night. 2. To prepare salted caramel pour the sugar into a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour water that is sent into the fire, bring to a boil and cook until until the sugar dissolves and the color of the mass will not change to amber. Remove the pan from the heat, pour cream in this phase the mass is greatly to hiss and rise, this is normal, as it should be. Add softened butter, beat with a mixer until blended and smooth consistency. Now return the pan with the caramel on low heat, all the while stirring with a hand whisk, the mass not burnt to the bottom. Cook the caramel this way for 3-4 minutes, then add salt, tasting, adding more if needed. Remove from heat, let cool. 3. Now prepare the cream, this whisk egg whites with sugar in a water bath for about 5 minutes, the weight should be lush, the sugar is completely dissolved. The temperature of the protein mass should be about 60 degrees, no higher. Remove the container with protein mass from the water bath and continue whisking for another 10 minutes before cooling to room temperature. In proteins add the cooled butter, not all at once, and parts, whisking after each added portion. At the very end add the vanilla extract and salted caramel (caramel take not all, but about 100 grams), whisk. 4. Take out the cakes from the refrigerator, cut each in half with a long bread knife or using threads. Thus have four layers, one of which is placed on a serving dish. Spread on the cake part of cream, then pour one-two tablespoons of caramel, cover with another cake. Thus collect the whole cake. The remaining cream to coat the cake surface and sides to make crumbs from crusts were not included in the ganache. While we prepare the ganache, sent the cake in the fridge. 5. Chocolate break into small pieces, put into a bowl, pour the cream into a separate saucepan and sent to the fire, bring to a boil but do not boil! Pour the hot cream chocolate, stir until chocolate is completely dissolved. Leave the ganache until then, until it cools to room temperature, during this time, he will not be as liquid. Now whisk the ganache with a mixer until fluffy state. Cover the ganache surface of cake and sides, then pour the remaining caramel. Sent the cake in the fridge for impregnation for 2 hours, after which you can bring to the table. Help yourself!

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baking powder 7 gram
butter 250 gram
Chicken eggs 2 pc
Cocoa powder 85 gram
Cream 200 ml
Dark chocolate 200 gram
Egg whites 4 pc
Flour 225 gram
Instant coffee 10 gram
Low fat cream 250 ml
Sea salt 5 gram
Sugar 200 gram
vanilla extract 5 ml
vegetable oil 125 ml
water 60 ml


Total calories 340
Total fat 18
Total carbohydrates 38
Total protein 4