Cake with apricots

Cooking time
330 min
The present confectionery bliss, not cake! For this cake you can make the basis of the ready-made sponge cake. It needs to be put on top of the mousse and gently press into the cream.
The combination of Sunny fragrant apricots with gentle mousse with light caramel flavor - this cake can easily apply to the festive table. Guests will be delighted. The consistency of the mousse is very similar to the cotta, because it is prepared almost the same way. Part of the cream is warming up, the rest whipped. So cut this cake turns slightly porous (not managed to photograph the cake in  the cut, he disappeared faster than I have time to think about it).
Prepare the ingredients. For cooking apricot mousse cake we will need: cream cheese (Almette, Hochland, swale, etc. brand), heavy cream (33-35% fat), brown sugar, gelatin powder, water for soaking.
Gelatin cover with water and leave to swell.
In a saucepan pour 100 ml cream and add sugar.
Bring to boil on slow fire and remove from fire.
Add the cream swollen gelatin and stir until smooth.
In a bowl put cottage cheese, pour the cream and gelatin mass.
Whisk everything with a mixer until smooth.
The remaining cream separately beat with a mixer until fluffy.
Gently mix in the whipped cream to cottage cheese.
Filling. For the filling we will need ripe apricots. They should not be too soft, but not green. I took a smooth apricots with smooth navaratnas peel.
Apricots wash, dry, cut in half and remove seeds.
Form for baking vystelit with cling film. Spread on the bottom of the mold halves peaches cut up.
On top of the apricots, pour the creamy cheese mousse and smooth.
Put the cake in the fridge for 3-5 hours until fully cured. The finished cake to turn on a dish, to apricots on top.
Decorate the cake with mint or lemon balm and serve. Serve cake better than before the use. As it consists of a delicate mousse and can lose shape in a warm room, though only slightly. Cut the cake into slices and serve with tea or coffee. Bon appetit!

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Apricots 300 gram
brown sugar 130 gram
cottage cheese 400 gram
Cream 400 ml
Gelatin 30 gram
water 100 ml


Total calories 209
Total fat 12
Total carbohydrates 14
Total protein 5