Cake The Book Of Monsters

Cooking time
90 min
Попробуйте довольно страшный, но очень вкусный торт! Это книга из фильма о Гарри Поттере)) Отличный подарок для поклонника этой серии))
To prepare this cake you need: 800 grams biscuit dough, 200 g of chocolate butter 300 g cream (whipped butter with sugar), sugar 140 gr mastic, dark red coloring or cocoa powder, 4 chocolate ball, the package for decoration, a nozzle package with small round holes, art brush. Bake sponge cake, divided into two parts as in the photo and allow to cool.
Fluff on top of one piece of sponge cake with cream and put on it another piece of biscuit.
The resulting cake to coat on all sides with cream and measure the length, width and height. Leave part of the cream for decorating the hair.
Divide the white fondant into 3 parts, roll out and cut out a size 3 plate for future pages.
Roll out and cut out the red mastic bookmark-language.
On the white plates to notch a shallow strip.
Brush to apply the dye or cocoa powder on the plate to resemble pages of a book.
Set on the cream pages to the biscuit.
Bookmark-the language as in the photo.
To add brown butter to the remaining cream.
Mix until a uniform colour is obtained.
To complete the package for decorating the vertical layers of the resulting mixture and brown butter. And begin decorating the cake with a coat of tasty cream!
Decorating a cake, try to achieve maximum realism.
In place of the future eyes to put some more cream wool.
To set eyes of chocolate balls.
To put a little more wool over the eyes.
To put hair at the base of the cake.
That's it - absolutely nothing to worry about the cake the Book of Monsters from Harry Potter ready to serve. Entertain guests and enjoy your meal. Before serving, keep in the fridge!

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Biscuit dough 800 gram
Candy 4 pc
Cream 300 gram
Food coloring 3 tablespoons
Mastic 140 gram
Peanut butter 200 gram


Total calories 336
Total fat 16
Total carbohydrates 45
Total protein 7