Cake Stack of choux pastry without eggs

Cooking time
720 min

Delicious and juicy cake to the delight of the sweet tooth! Resembles a pile of firewood, which is sprinkled with snow. Not very complicated preparation, but very tasty dessert.

Cherries remove from the jar and drain in a colander. To drain. In a bowl sift the flour slide. Make a well in center and pour in sour cream, add the soft butter and mix thoroughly. Achieve a homogeneous mass. When the dough will not stick to hands and sides of the dish – it's ready. You should get an elastic, soft dough. Divide into 10 pieces and roll each into balls. Roll them in layers of rectangular shape with edges: long on a few cm longer than the baking sheet, and short – 7 cm to roll out, the tubes get layered. On the long side to put the cherry one next. To make 1 revolution of the test so was closed cherry. End edges turned inwards, like an envelope. Then wrap the roll rest of the dough. Edge gently zasiyaet. Baking tray lay a parchment, put on her tube. Bake at 180 degrees until the tube will become rosy and Golden brown. It takes 30 minutes. Remove from baking sheet, but not immediately, but after waiting 7 minutes to cool, otherwise they break. Necessary to carefully pry the two blades. For the cream beat sour cream with sugar.Now form the cake. Put four rolls on a dish and pour them with cream, then 3 tubes of cream, two and one tube. At the end of the cream lubricates the entire cake and sides. When soaking the cream will drain, it is necessary to collect with a spoon and pour on top of the "pile". To infuse the cake needs 8 hours.

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butter 300 gram
Cherry 1.5
salt 0.5 tablespoons
Sour cream 800 gram
Sugar 1 cups
Wheat flour 6 cups


Total calories 236
Total fat 12
Total carbohydrates 46
Total protein 5