Cake Red velvet classic

Cooking time
140 min
Not just dessert, but a real masterpiece! Try it! Cake Red velvet classic is the incredible harmony of flavors! Everything in it is to place vanilla flavor, and a pronounced chocolate taste and creamy cream. The advantages of this cake is listed as the ease of cooking and so it is. With little effort, even with modest culinary experience, you can make a real masterpiece of confectionary art.
Start cooking a cake we with the fact that in a suitable size vessel, combine together butter and sugar. Whisk the mixture with a mixer, pouring in the cooking oil. Divide chicken eggs - whites and yolks in separate bowls. To the yolks add the vanilla extract, stir the mixture and add to sugar-butter mixture, whisk everything thoroughly. Pour yogurt and beat again. In a separate bowl, small size, mix the vinegar and dye, and then pour in the earlier mixture. Stir. Into large bowl sift flour together with baking soda, cocoa powder and salt. Stir it carefully. Combine together the dry and wet ingredients, mix well with a mixer. You can do this and hand whisk. Proteins whisk, not much, only up to the formation of foam after the pour in the batter and stir until fully combine. Divide the finished dough into three parts. The form for baking grease a piece of butter, sprinkle with flour and pour into it the dough for the first layer. Put the form in preheated to 180 degrees oven for 25 minutes. Remaining dough until put into the fridge. Bake all three layers, the readiness check with a wooden skewer, which pierce her shell. If the skewer remains clean and dry, the cake is already baked. The main thing - not to overdo cakes, so they do not become too dry and burn. Allow the cakes to stand in the form of 5 minutes, then extracted and spread on bars. Waiting for them to cool completely. In a bowl put the butter at room temperature using a mixer, beat it until fluffy state. Then add the pieces of cheese, each time whisking until fully combining the ingredients. Pour parts powdered sugar, whisk again all. In the process of whipping add the vanilla extract and milk. Whisk until then, until the cream will not need pomp. Left to collect the cake, which cakes promazyvaetsya with cream and stacked on each other. If you plan to coat with cream and sides of cake, level the cakes is optional. Also cover top of cake with cream. Decorate as desired or leave as is - the cake is very beautiful and looks nice!

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baking soda 5 gram
butter 110 gram
Cocoa powder 40 gram
Dishes with yogurt 240 ml
Eggs recipes with photos 5 pc
Food coloring 50 ml
milk 40 ml
Of wheaten flour delicious 340 gram
Powdered sugar 320 gram
salt 2.5 tablespoons
Sugar 380 gram
vanilla extract 10 ml
vegetable oil 240 ml
Vinegar 10 ml
With cream cheese delicious recipes 650 gram


Total calories 370
Total fat 28
Total carbohydrates 34
Total protein 7