Cake Princess Sofia chocolate cake

Cooking time
360 min
Best cake for a young Princess cooking and bring joy to children! Not everyone likes the fondant, so our collection must necessarily be a cake with cream))) to Decorate like this, of course, possible and different. This decoration as an option.
Collect the cake from cakes and cream. To give the cake a good soak cream.
Sheet of parchment to put on a cutting Board between them to set the printed pattern of the Princess Sophia. Fill with melted chocolate cornet of parchment and a sheet of translucent printed image of Sofia chocolate to cause the contour of the Princess, and let it harden in the fridge.
While the picture freezes and soaked the cake, prepare the custard. Before you begin decorating the cake on top and coat with a thin layer of cream. It is necessary to glue the outline of the Princess.
Transfer the pattern on the chocolate cake. As you can see, the picture is transferred in a mirror image. This should be considered when applying the outline on the parchment.
A portion of the cream tint in pink color and with the nozzle 'asterisk' to paint a picture of a pink where necessary. In order to know where what colour should be applied, keep a color image of the Princess.
Next to paint all the space needed - hands, face - beige cream.
Hair color in brown cream.
Flatten, if necessary, curls brush.
Paint melted chocolate eyes.
Paint on red dye mouth.
Yellow to decorate the bottom of the dress.
White cream around the Princess background.
White cream decoration on the dress - the flowers at the bottom and dots along the contour seams.
Apply red cream name and number, if necessary.
Alternating bands of white and pink cream with the nozzle 'leaf' to put around the edge of the cake rim.
Pink cream for the upper edge of the cake to put the edging in the form of braids.
Decorate the head of a Princess tiara from the pastry beads. Decorate the cake with beads on the top edges. Delicious and colorful cake ready to be served to the holiday table! By the way, this cake can be prepared and paint with the children!

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Cakes sponge 6
Cream butter 900 gram
Custard 800 gram
Dark chocolate 50 gram
Food coloring
Sprinkles 10 gram


Total calories 248
Total fat 6
Total carbohydrates 44
Total protein 5