Cake pineapple

Cooking time
330 min
Prepare mouth-watering cake with pineapple! Simple and delicious! The pineapple cake is particularly moist, the cakes to be tender, soft. Pineapples in the recipe used canned, cherry and cocktail. A very unusual game creates the taste of cream, it has a distinct note of cinnamon that gives the cake a certain piquancy.
1. In a bowl sift flour and corn starch, add salt and baking powder. The softened butter beat with sugar, divide the resulting mass of eggs, add Greek yogurt, pour milk and pineapple juice, also add the vanilla extract, stir. 2. The resulting mixture, combine with dry ingredients, stir until smooth. Carefully pour 1/3 of dough into shape, previously greased with butter, bake half an hour in the oven heated to 200 degrees. So bake three Korzh. 3. Using a mixer, beat the cream until a stable peaks, add the cinnamon, powdered sugar and vanilla extract, and beat for another 1 to 3 minutes. 4. In a split form put one of the cakes, coat with cream, spread a layer of pineapple rings and cherries. Cover with another cake layer, again coat with cream and put the pineapples and cherries, then covered the last layer. The surface of the cake cream is not grease, just spread the pineapple, decorate with cherries. 5. Sent the cake in the fridge for three hours. After the specified time retrieved the cake from split shape and serve. Eat with pleasure!

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baking powder 7 gram
brown sugar 200 gram
butter 180 gram
Corn starch 60 gram
Cream 400 gram
From eggs food preparation in the home 3 pc
Ground cinnamon 40 gram
milk 60 ml
Of wheaten flour recipes fast easy 210 gram
Pineapple juice 120 ml
Pineapples 560 gram
Powdered sugar 100 gram
Recipes with cherries in homemade recipes with photos 100 gram
salt 2 gram
vanilla extract 10 ml
Yogurt 100 gram


Total calories 245
Total fat 13
Total carbohydrates 30
Total protein 3