Cake of ricotta

Cooking time
20 min
Quick to cook, delicious to eat! Without baking! Cake with ricotta is a type of cheesecake. Shortbread base, soft cheese filling and tart bright jam on top. To prepare will take quite a bit of time. Instead of jam you can use fresh berries will be even tastier and prettier. This dessert is perfect for morning coffee, do not be ashamed to submit it on the holiday table.
To make this cake, I took the ricotta, cooked at home. This significantly reduced the cost. To cook it at home, it is necessary to take a liter of milk, bring it almost to a boil but do not boil, and pour 4 tbsp of lemon juice. The milk will curdle and the whey will go. The mixture should be cool and drain in a sieve on the gauze. Homemade ricotta is ready! Here the mascarpone I would not have replaced, it gives the cake a smooth and creamy taste. If you do decide to replace it, take thick sour cream or heavy cream. If the filling seems watery, you can add gelatin to stabilize it. Me gelatin is not required, and ricotta, and mascarpone was thick. Jam to cover I've also prepared myself. Took frozen cherries, pitted and cooked it with the addition of gelfix according to instructions. Turned out great cherry jam in just three minutes. But you can take any jam or jam unless the sugar adjust to taste. Or you can cook a thick berry kissel, too, will be delicious. Berries take sour, they compensate for the sweetness of the cheese base. Cookies are good anytime, and is delicious chocolate or a taste of baked milk.
Prepare the products.
We're doing a sand base. Cookies have to crumble, you can use a blender, you can put the biscuits in a bag and stomp all over it with a rolling pin.
Melt butter.
To combine the crumbed biscuits with butter, mix well.
The bottom of the form vystelit parchment.
Spread on the bottom of the sand aggregate, well compacted. You can use the bottom of the glass.
Mix the ricotta with the mascarpone, add sugar and vanilla to taste. Mix well.
Put the cheese mass on the second layer.
Put the jam. Chill several hours in refrigerator.

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butter 80 gram
Cookies 180 gram
Jam 200 gram
Mascarpone 250 gram
Ricotta cheese cooking 400 gram
Sugar 5 teaspoons


Total calories 344
Total fat 20
Total carbohydrates 32
Total protein 6