Cake number 8

Cooking time
720 min
This cake is a beautiful decoration for any holiday! Bright, festive cake figure! This amount of dough enough for 3 cake consisting of 3 layers and a length figures, of about 20-22 cm, But this cake can be done in 2 or 4 Korzh.
For the cake in advance to make honey dough. Prepare for the necessary ingredients.
In a non-stick saucepan, combine butter and honey. Put on fire and melt.
Separately, combine the eggs with the sugar and mix them using the whisk.
The butter should melt, but do not have time to heat up until hot. At this time, enter to it the egg mixture, mix well and return the saucepan on the fire. While stirring bring the mass to boil.
Remove the pan from the heat and immediately add soda. Mix. When this happens the reaction of honey with baking soda and the mass begins to foam and expand in volume. Then honey weight cool to warm or room condition.
In honey weight and flour and knead the dough. Perhaps it will seem that the batter asks for more flour, but add it categorically is not necessary. The dough may slightly stick to hands.
Put the dough in the bag and place in the fridge for an hour. During this time it will rest and it will be convenient to work with. Stick it ceases.
For the stencil of the number 8 fold the A4 sheet in half and on one half draw a half of the number 8. Cut it along the contour. So it will be symmetrical. Optionally, you can cut out the figure and inner circles.
The finished dough roll out with a thickness of about 4-5 mm and cut out the figure along the contour of the stencil. The dough prick with fork all over the surface of the figures and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 4-7 minutes.
The finished cakes allow to cool.
To prepare the cream: take the chilled cream, fat content of not less than 33%, And cream cheese warm to room temperature.
Whip the cream with powdered sugar in a lush cream. Then stir into it of butter, cream cheese.
A pastry bag filled with cream, cut it in the tip and put on the entire surface of digits cream. Optionally, a layer of cake, add a little berry jam.
Laying the cake on the cake, assemble the cake. Using melted chocolate to highlight the contour of the inner part of the number 8.
The top of the cake, just put the cream. Cover the cake with something that he could well become. I usually put it in a box for the cake and it tightly close to all the moisture from the cream is absorbed into cakes, thereby, soaking them well. Put the cake in the fridge overnight.
Ready cake can be decorated in different ways. You can put on it fruit or candy.
You can decorate with cream.
This cake in any decoration looks elegant and festive. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 1 tablespoons
Berries 200 gram
butter 200 gram
Candy 200 gram
Chocolate 40 gram
cottage cheese 600 gram
Cream fatty 700 gram
Eggs inexpensive recipes with photos 4 pc
honey 100 gram
Jam 100 gram
Of wheaten flour cooking 750 gram
Powdered sugar 6 teaspoons
salt 1 gram
Sugar 320 gram


Total calories 338
Total fat 19
Total carbohydrates 37
Total protein 6