Cake Napoleon of puff pastry ready

Cooking time
540 min
Easy cake to whip up from ready-made puff pastry! Napoleon cake is very easy to prepare from ready-made puff pastry and condensed milk! A great recipe for unexpected guests or if you suddenly want to make yourself a little holiday. The cake is very tasty, with lots of cream!
A good recipe for Thrifty Housewives! If your refrigerator is always kept packaging-another puff pastry, the delicious dessert you will never be!
This recipe can vary, adding in the cream whipped cream, fresh or frozen berries, thaw them beforehand.
In order to prepare the cake Napoleon of puff pastry ready-prepare yeast-free puff pastry (purchased frozen), boiled condensed milk and butter are of good quality, natural.
The puff pastry must be defrosted to make it soft and pliable. Divide the dough into as many pieces to make cakes the same area (3-4 PCs). The dough can be a little roll. Lay cakes on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. In the test, make a few punctures with a fork. Place in oven and bake at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes. The dough should rise and be lightly browned.
Next you need to combine in a large bowl the softened butter and boiled condensed milk. Thoroughly mix the indicated ingredients to get the most homogeneous cream.
Ready-made cakes must be removed from the oven, cool and put on a wide Board, and then assemble the cake. Each cake I missed the cream of butter and condensed milk. The cream should be spread not wishing profusely. Fluff cakes I pressed a hand to reduce the height.
Leave the top layer without the cream, it will bromagem later, so be sure to leave a small portion of the cream to the top of the cake. Then press the cake another cutting Board or flat dish and leave for several hours at room temperature. Cake during this time will become denser and saturated.
The remnants of the cream from boiled condensed milk, apply on top and sides of cake. If desired, decorate top with walnuts or crumb cakes. At night put the cake in a cool place below got soaked. Bon appetit!

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Boiled condensed milk 350 gram
butter 180 gram
From ready-made puff pastry 500 gram
walnuts 100 gram


Total calories 453
Total fat 33
Total carbohydrates 33
Total protein 6