Cake little Pony sponge putty

Cooking time
360 min
Try good cake to be shared with the kids cooking! Beautiful and delicious! Figurines little pony can or stick of coloured mastic, or to use a ready-made plastic. I pointed out the volume of mastic for the self-sculpting of the figures. The dyes you pick yourself.
For the dough for one cake mix 3 eggs, Cup sugar, Cup flour and beat until the sugar is dissolved.
After adding to the dough dye, and stir until uniform in color. Just need 5 colored cakes.
Pour the dough with a parchment form.
Bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes until tender.
In order to impregnate and to coat one layer of the cream should be as long as out of 200 grams of butter and 8 tablespoons of condensed milk. Alternately, you can whip cream, but for the whole cake. In this case, the cream is divided into 6 parts. 5 of them add dye, 1 part leave white.
To prepare the cakes for impregnation and Assembly - trim top bottom and sides. To breed a special taste cooking spray for cakes. You can buy it in the store. Or prepare a dipping syrup.
To collect the cake as usual - a layer-by-layer promazyvaya first impregnation, then the white cream.
The top layer of the cake to coat with cream.
Further, the sides of the cake to align the colored creams accordingly, to order flowers, which will be decorated cake.
On top, just apply a layer of colored cream.
With the help of tools and packages for decorating decorate a cake with cream.
Layer by layer apply the cream in the appropriate color.
Decorate the top with clouds of marshmallows and pony figurines of your favorite cartoon! The cake is ready to delight its consumers. All to the table!

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butter 1000 gram
Condensed milk 40 teaspoons
Egg recipes at home 15 pc
Flour 5 cups
Food coloring
Marshmallows 200 gram
Mastic 600 gram
Sugar 5 cups


Total calories 393
Total fat 18
Total carbohydrates 52
Total protein 5