Cake Ladybug

Cooking time
360 min
Original design sweet tasty cake in the form of ladybugs! To the delight of the eyes and the tummies)
Knead biscuit dough, bake the cake. Allow to cool. Meanwhile, cream and condensed milk whipping cream. From the cooled biscuit oval to prepare the material according to the shape of the beetle body. Then cake cut into several layers, each impregnated with syrup. Collect the cake, accurately cakes with a layer of cream. To cover the whole cake evenly with cream. To mark the boundary of the back and face. Set aside the cake to soak.
Melt the chocolate and parchment to draw their eyes, mouth, spots, back, eyebrows and mustache future ladybirds. Put in refrigerator to congeal. Meanwhile, prepare protein custard. Small part to leave white. A small portion of paint in a dark color - black or any dark color. These two small pieces will go on the face. The main part of the cream paint in red or pink.
As the chocolate hardens, you can start the decoration. Paint red cream beetle's back.
Toothpick to outline the contours of the face elements.
Dark cream paint section of the wings. Place chocolate spots on the back.
Conceived pattern, apply white and dark creams. Put part of the face in its place. The cake is ready, decorated and waiting for serving to please favorite! All the sweet memories!

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baking soda 1.5 tablespoons
Citric acid 0.5 tablespoons
Condensed milk 1
Cream 600 gram
Dark chocolate 100 gram
Egg whites 4 pc
eggs 8 pc
Flour 2 cups
Food coloring
Sugar 1.5 cups
Syrup 300 ml
Vanilla sugar 100 gram
water 90 ml


Total calories 296
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 48
Total protein 5