Cake in the microwave in 5 minutes fast and delicious

Cooking time
20 min
Quick and delicious cake - something that is necessary for a good tea party! If there is no time, and pulls)))
Break the eggs into a bowl, there also add milk, sugar, butter and whisk. Then add flour, cocoa, vanilla and baking powder. Add the flour gradually to desired thickness of the dough. Grease the form with butter and laid the bottom of baking paper. Put the dough in, making a hole in the middle. This is to ensure that the cake has not risen a hump, and was smooth. Bake 4 minutes in the microwave at 900 W. after three Minutes check the readiness of a splinter. If necessary, add another minute. Baked cake leave in the switched off microwave oven for 10 minutes to edge away from the shape.Fully cooled baked cake. Hold the knife at the edge of the shape, then extract the sponge cake. Cut the sponge cake into 2 equal layers and brush with chocolate toothpaste. The top and edges is also lubricated with chocolate. The free surface sprinkle with nuts or biscuit crumbs. The cake is ready!

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baking powder 1 tablespoons
Chocolate 200 gram
Cocoa powder 3 teaspoons
Eggs speedy recipes with photos 2 pc
milk 6 teaspoons
Of wheaten flour recipes homemade 8 teaspoons
Sugar 6 teaspoons
Vanilla sugar 10 gram
vegetable oil 6 teaspoons
walnuts 150 gram


Total calories 437
Total fat 30
Total carbohydrates 37
Total protein 8