Cake in the form of figure 2

Cooking time
720 min
Very popular, elegant and delicious cake. This cake can be suitable for any formal event. The shape of the cake can be cut any. This quantity of ingredients is enough for a cake weighing 2-2. 5 kg.
For making honey cakes, prepare the necessary ingredients.
Take a non-stick pan, put in it chopped the butter and add liquid honey. If honey is solid, it can melt in the microwave. Put the saucepan on the fire and wait for the butter to melt.
While the butter is melting, in a separate bowl combine the eggs with the sugar. Mix them.
In melted, not quite hot oil, add the eggs with the sugar and mix until smooth.
The pan put back on the heat and bring the mass to a boil. Add soda and remove the pan from the heat. If you add soda, the mixture will turn to foam and increase in volume. Actively stir the mixture and leave to cool to room temperature.
Then add the sifted flour and knead the dough. Extra flour is not needed, otherwise the dough will become stiff and hard.
The finished dough wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.
To draw a stencil on a sheet of A4 figure 2 and cut out the contour.
Divide pastry into 3 parts. Each roll with a thickness of 4-6 mm and cut along the outline of the stencil with a sharp knife.
The dough prick with fork over the entire surface, so that when baking it is not swelled. Put the cake in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 5-6 minutes. 3 bake cake and cool them.
For the cream cool heavy cream. And cream cheese in advance remove from the refrigerator to become room temperature. so it is easier to intervene in the cream.
Connect the cream with the icing sugar and whisk in the cream stable. Add cream cheese and stir it.
Using a pastry bag put the cream on the entire surface of the cake.
Then cover with second layer and repeat layers again. Assemble the cake. Put the cake in the refrigerator overnight, covered with something watertight. This is necessary in order to prevent moisture from the cream does not evaporate and soak the cakes,they were soft.
The finished cake decorate candies, cookies or other sweets. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 1 tablespoons
butter 150 gram
Candy 200 gram
cottage cheese 500 gram
Cream fatty 500 gram
Egg recipes in a hurry 3 pc
honey 60 gram
Of wheaten flour delicious recipes 570 gram
Powdered sugar 5 teaspoons
salt 1 gram
Sugar 230 gram


Total calories 335
Total fat 20
Total carbohydrates 36
Total protein 6