Cake in 30 minutes

Cooking time
40 min
No time to fumble with pastries? Prepare super-quick cake! A delicious cake can be prepared in just 30 minutes! If time to spare and guests are on the way, this recipe will be a lifesaver! The ingredients are simple and accessible, and the cooking process is not complicated. Very easy job with an electric mixer, with it, the dough can be prepared in just 5-7 minutes. For the cream need only cream doesn't matter, but remember that the fatter they are, the calorie will get the cake.
This recipe will be appreciated by every housewife! To prepare this cake is not difficult, it's delicious, looks delicious. There are many recipes without baking, but they are in time preparing for much longer, often require a long time for cooling and solidification souffle. 1. First prepare the cake, to do this, break the eggs into the bowl of a mixer, add a pinch of salt, beat until fluffy foam. 2. Then add the vanilla extract and pour the sugar, whisk for a few minutes, during this time, the weight will noticeably thicken. 3. Sift the resulting flour with the baking powder and baking soda, and then cocoa powder. 4. After the dry ingredients are introduced into the dough softened butter. Whisk the dough until smooth, it is smooth and quite thick. 5. Spread the dough in a detachable form, the bottom of pre-vystelim parchment. Send the form in the oven preheated 180 degrees, bake for 25 minutes. 6. While the cake is baked, prepare the cream. To do this, whisk the chilled cream until stable peaks strong. The cream should keep good form. 7. Ready cake cut into two parts using a long bread knife, you can also use thread. 8. Put the cream in a pastry bag, otkryvaem cream on one cake layer with the nozzle asterisk, or any other. 9. Missed the cake cover with the other crust, decorate top with remaining cream and berries raspberry. The cake can be serve immediately on the table. Help yourself!

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baking powder 5 gram
baking soda 2.5 gram
butter 150 gram
Cocoa powder 25 gram
Cream 300 ml
Eggs dishes delicious recipes 2 pc
Flour 200 gram
Raspberry delicious recipes 150 gram
Sugar 200 gram
vanilla extract 5 ml


Total calories 328
Total fat 18
Total carbohydrates 34
Total protein 5