Cake ideal for men

Cooking time
720 min
Ideal to the heart of any man! Try to surprise your man this is such a masculine cake. And to decorate it it's best in men's style. The cake is very simple to prepare and, no doubt, will turn out for everyone!
Before you start cooking the cake, prepare the walnuts, as they will need for the cake and for the filling. Chop the nuts with a sharp knife. Much grind is not necessary. Then fry on a dry pan. Cool.
Biscuit connect the eggs with the sugar and whisk at maximum power mixer until lush white mass.
Then add the eggs, honey, cognac, baking soda and vanilla. Add portions sifted flour, each time carefully interfering with her in the dough. Then add a handful of roasted nuts.
The finished dough pour into baking dish (20 cm) and put in the oven pre-heated until 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes. Ready cake remove from the form and cool. Let him rest up for a few hours. Preferably in the refrigerator, wrapped in a package. Otherwise it will be difficult to cut the cakes because of its softness. Seasoned sponge cake cut into 4 Korzh and soaked in sugar syrup.
For the cream take your soft butter and beat it with condensed milk.
Each sponge cake spread with cream and sprinkle with toasted nuts.
Assemble the whole cake and cover it the remnants of the cream in a thin layer. Then put in the refrigerator to frozen cake. At this stage you can just sprinkle the cake top and sides with grinded nuts or biscuit crumbs. And you can decorate elegant.
In order to give the cake a festive look to decorate it. Whisk heavy cream with powdered sugar and line the cake on the sides.
Separately melt the chocolate with the cream and cool to room temperature. If the mass is thick, then pour another cutcut cream. Until you get a liquid consistency.
Pour over the top of the cake with chocolate and using a spoon, push the chocolate places to get beautiful stains. The top of the cake decorate with chocolate candies and cookies (or other favorite snacks). Put it in the fridge to this whole beauty froze. Enjoy your tea!

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baking soda 1 gram
Boiled condensed milk 300 gram
butter 200 gram
Candy 200 gram
Chocolate 100 gram
Cognac 50 ml
Cream 100 gram
Cream fatty 100 gram
Eggs step-by-step recipes with photos 4 pc
Flour 400 gram
honey 4 teaspoons
Powdered sugar 1 teaspoons
Sugar 200 gram
walnuts 150 gram


Total calories 396
Total fat 23
Total carbohydrates 42
Total protein 8