Cake from crackers and sour cream in a hurry with no baking

Cooking time
30 min
Вкусный и легкий торт без особых хлопот! Удивительно! Я рекомендую этот отличный рецепт для замечательного торта. Идеально подходит для тех, кто не любит мучиться с выпечкой. Он готовится быстро (если вы не оставляете время для охлаждения), и сразу после замеса и выпечки теста нет необходимости. Пытаться!
Наряду с крекером в торт можно добавить ягоды и шоколадную стружку.
Сверху пирога можно посыпать тостами на сухую сковороду и измельчить в блендере с грецкими орехами. По желанию можно посыпать какао-порошком, кокосом, крошками печенья.
Украсить торт можно также смешивая с джемом, кусочками фруктов, шоколадной глазурью.
Если хотите, на каждый слой крекеров выложите кусочки банана.
Prepare the necessary ingredients. You will need fresh good quality sour cream 20-30% fat, sugar, and sweet crackers (with sesame seeds). To replace it you can use any shortbread. For example, oatmeal, plain square biscuits with flavor of baked milk, and sugar.
In a glass add instant gelatine. Fill it with cold water (about 100 ml). Leave on for 10-15 minutes for swelling. If you are not using instant gelatin, before applying make sure you read the user manual.
In the container combine sour cream with sugar or sweetener that is not afraid of the heat treatment. Beat with a whisk until smooth. To the sugar crystals are completely dissolved, leave the whipped mass for 5 minutes. Sour cream can replace heavy cream (35%) or mascarpone cheese. For flavor you can add vanilla sugar (1 tablespoon) or vanilla (on the tip of a knife). Remember, if the vanilla to overdo it, he'll give bitter and spoil the taste of the dessert.
Swollen gelatin put in a saucepan. Warm it (about 70-80 degrees) over low heat until dissolved. Be sure to stir. It is important not to let the gelatine boil or it will lose its gelling properties. You can heat it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds.
Quickly and thoroughly stirring the cream, pour in the hot melted gelatin. For whipping it is better to use deep high capacity to avoid spattering.
What is the capacity for a cake you can use? Choose a deep round shape (I have a hole in the middle). Cover it with cling film. To a split form is not poured sour cream, make sure you cover your film not only inside, but also tightly wrap it on the outside. You can also use an enamel bowl, silicone, plastic form or to decompose the dessert portion kremanku. Pour a small amount of sour cream.
Put an even layer of cracker.
Continue alternating layers of cream and crackers until they are finished. The latter will be a thick layer of cream. It should completely cover the cookie, so that it is not looked through. Optional sour cream can be mixed with crackers and just pour into mold. Allow dessert to fully harden in the fridge. It will take about 2-3 hours. Good to leave the cake overnight so it's even better soaked.
Now quickly and carefully turn it over on a flat dish. Remove the plastic wrap. If you cook a cake in an enamel pot, dip it for 10 seconds in hot water. The upper part of the jelly melts a bit and the cake easy and no problems will be dropped from the mold onto a plate. Decorate it to your liking. I poured melted dark chocolate, fresh mint leaves, petals of almonds and sugar beads. Help yourself!

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Biscuits Cracker 200 gram
Chocolate 30 gram
Gelatin 25 gram
Sugar 5 teaspoons
With sour cream step by step recipes at home 450 gram


Total calories 324
Total fat 19
Total carbohydrates 31
Total protein 6