Cake Esterhazy classic

Cooking time
240 min
Nutty madness! Ancient Hungarian recipe. Cake Esterhazy classic - recipe to cook which will take a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth all the effort. Spectacular view, crunchy cakes, delicate custard with a slight nutty aftertaste, the realization that you are touching Haute cuisine - this is the result of a laborious process. According to legend, the cake was designed for reception of high guests in the house of a Hungarian diplomat PAL Antal esterházy, who lived in the late XVIII - early XIX century, for which he received its name.
For the preparation of cakes you can take any nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts. Hazelnuts are used in the classic recipe. You can also choose not to grind the nuts, and take a ready-made walnut flour. Cakes with ground nuts more crunchy. The cream is easy to simplify, instead of the time consuming pralines to take the milk. For the pralines need a fairly powerful processor. The picture climbing frame, do so: draw a spiral and with a toothpick draw lines from center to the edges, dividing the cake into eight segments, then from the edges to the center, sharing the ready-made segments.
To prepare products for cakes. Whites should be warm, so they better get whipped.
Nuts fry in a pan, to remove skin, grind in a food processor until fine crumbs.
Beat the whites with a pinch of salt, gradually adding sugar, until stiff peaks.
Gently mix whites with walnut crumbs.
On paper to draw circles to transplant using the bag cakes. You can use a shovel, then you should try to spread the dough as evenly as possible. The diameter of the cakes should be 21-22 cm
Bake in preheated to 170 degree oven for 20-25 minutes, until Golden brown. The finished cakes it is better to gently remove from the paper after cooling they can break.
To prepare products for pralines.
Nuts fry in a dry pan, clean the skin. Put the sugar in a saucepan, wait for it to turn into caramel, pour the nuts, mix well.
Spread nuts on greased foil. Cool.
Break the caramelized nuts, fold to combine and long time to grind them to a paste. This is praline.
To prepare the products for the cream.
Mix the egg yolks, sugar and starch.
A thin stream to enter the warmed milk, stirring intensively.
Cook over medium heat until thick. Cool.
Beat the butter, gradually adding to it the cream and praline.
Fluff cream cakes, top cake grease apricot jam.
To decorate, melt white and dark chocolate, pour the white cake with the spatula. Dark to draw a spiral, and a toothpick to draw a picture of gossamer. Boca oil cream and decorate with almond petals.

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Almond petals 50 gram
almonds 100 gram
butter 300 gram
Corn starch 3 teaspoons
Egg whites 300 gram
Egg yolks 3 pc
Hazelnuts 100 gram
Jam apricot 1 teaspoons
Milk chocolate 30 gram
Milk delicious milk 250 ml
Sugar 100 gram
White chocolate recipes homemade 100 gram


Total calories 417
Total fat 30
Total carbohydrates 33
Total protein 7