Cake Day and Night Soviet with sour cream

Cooking time
480 min
The cake is airy sponge cakes with sour cream. Cake "Day and night" received its name due to the fact that the recipe involves the alternation of dark and light cakes. Classic biscuit dough with sour cream — it's a win-win. This cream makes the dessert incredibly tender and juicy
All a pleasant appetite!
For cooking light layers of sponge cake we will need: 140 g wheat flour, 200 gr. sugar, 4 eggs, a pinch of salt. The amount of ingredients is the diameter of the mold 20-21 see
In a deep container break four eggs and salt. It is desirable that they were room temperature. Capacity to prepare the dough, choose considering the fact that the mass is well increased in volume, i.e. by a decent margin.
The secret of success lush biscuit u2014 well-beaten eggs. Do not spare time for this. Begin whisking the eggs with a mixer. The duration of the process in about 5 minutes. The passage of time without turning off the mixer, we pour 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar until you enter all the sugar. In total, while working with a mixer approximately 10 minutes. In the end, should be very airy, but dense enough mass.
Add to the dough sifted flour. Sift it must, and it is better not once but several times. To mix dry ingredient need very carefully, slowly, so weight has not lost its lightness. Enough to bring it to homogeneity, and get rid of the lumps.
Turn the oven temperature 180 degrees. Prepare the baking dish: on the bottom place of parchment paper. The wall does not need to be lubricated, this will help the cake to rise better. Roaming the dough, and put in to bake. The oven during baking can not be opened. After 40 minutes, check the biscuit readiness, pierced it with a toothpick. If she went out dry u2014 ready.
After the baking process ends, give the cake to stand in the form of 10 minutes. Then put on a rack upside down to cool completely. It is desirable to give the cake to stand for at least 4 hours, then it will become more pliable and will be easy to cut.
For making cakes dark Night we will need: 110 grams of wheat flour, 30 gr. cocoa, 200 gr. sugar, 4 eggs, a pinch of salt. The cooking technique is no different from the previous one. The only difference is the addition of cocoa. The amount of flour reduced the amount of cocoa.
On stage blend dry ingredients, do not forget that cocoa should also be screened. Before they enter the loose ingredients into the dough, mix the flour and cocoa. To enter gradually, not all at once.
To prepare the cream: take the cream (25-30%) u2014 600 gr., sugar u2014 200 gr. and vanilla. The cream was thick and did not spread, sour cream should be used with a high percentage of fat. If sour cream with a lower fat content, then be sure to put the sour cream in a sieve, covered with gauze at least 6 hours to get rid of excess fluid and achieve good density.
Sour cream, beat with a mixer, gradually adding sugar. Time it should take 8 minutes, so the sugar is completely dissolved. The amount of sugar can be reduced or increased, as desired. The result is airy, but sturdy enough mass. Remove the cream in refrigerator for half an hour, covered with cling film.
To assemble the cake. Cut our biscuits to cakes. How many pieces to cut decide for yourself. Here you need to start from the height of the finished product. I decided to make two cake light and only one dark that the cake is not too high.
Each cake is alternately lubricated with a thick layer of cream, forming a cake. Do not forget also to pay attention to the sides and top.
Trimming of cakes grind into crumbs (I used a blender for this purpose), and use the crumbs for decorating. Give the cake brew and a good soak. Time for this he will need approximately 6 hours. And it is better to leave the cake to stand overnight, and the morning he will just melt in your mouth.

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Cocoa powder 30 gram
eggs 4 pc
Flour 110 gram
salt 0.3 tablespoons
Sour cream 600 gram
Sugar 1 cups


Total calories 271
Total fat 9
Total carbohydrates 41
Total protein 6