Cake curly-haired boy

Cooking time
50 min
Very beautiful cake for the celebration of grapes and bananas! It can be prepared for the holidays, because outwardly he looks very beautiful, I would even say elegant, presentable and aesthetically pleasing. The taste of the cake is just amazing due to gentle dough, sweet cream filling and juicy fruit.
This perfect in appearance and taste, the cake is prepared from the simplest of ingredients, or that you already have in the house or them at any time to buy in the store. Fruit gives this dessert a highlight and harmonize very well with the pastry and cream. I bake this, not only in honor of any celebration, but just for the weekend, when my family hosted a family tea party. Highly recommend this dessert!
To prepare the cake take the products on the list.
Beat eggs into a bowl for kneading, add one Cup of sugar and it's all very well, beat with whisk or mixer. The sugar must completely dissolve or almost, see below in the mass as much as possible of the characteristic grains. Gasim lemon juice into the soda and add in the resulting egg mass.
Here add the sifted flour, put sour cream. Stir to a state of complete homogeneity. Then divide our mixture into two equal parts.
In the first part we report a spoonful of cocoa we get the chocolate dough.
Both parts of the test bake in the oven two separate cakes. It should take us about fifteen minutes. When the cakes will be baked, remove them and let cool.
Are engaged in the preparation of the cream: beat until fluffy sour cream with sugar (a half Cup). The lower part of the cake we're supposed to be dark. We are well daubed sour cream, which is put on mugs of fresh bananas in a circle.
In the center pour the fresh berries of seedless grapes.
A light layer of crumble into small pieces that you dip in cream and put it on dark crust in the form of slides. In fact, all our delicious food is ready. You only have to microwave a bar of chocolate and draw it across the surface of the cake beautiful curls. Instead of chocolate you can use the frosting of cocoa.
Now you know how to bake a cake Curly-haired boy could not be easier!

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baking soda 0.5 tablespoons
bananas 1 pc
Chocolate 100 gram
Cocoa powder 1 tablespoons
Egg recipes for every day 2 pc
Grapes 6 pc
lemon juice 1 tablespoons
Sugar 1.5 cups
Wheat flour home recipes 1.5 cups
With sour cream recipes simple and delicious 1 cups


Total calories 289
Total fat 8
Total carbohydrates 50
Total protein 5