Cake biscuits and cheese without baking

Cooking time
600 min

Delicious cheese cake without baking! Help yourself to tasty and tender, the cheese cake, which takes very little time. And to stand at the stove does not have. Yes, these cakes really exist. And I hasten to share with you the recipe of it. During the Soviet deficit, this cake could be offered for the holiday table!

If you have no oven or does not want to stand at the stove, or you just don't know how to cook, and tasty because, I want... to help in such a situation will always come cakes without baking. This cake can be prepared, for example, cookie. The cream can also be quite varied, but one of the most delicious and, in my opinion, useful is cheese. This cake can be successfully propose and children. Without a doubt, he will love it. The main taste of the cake it determines the taste of the cookies, so choose what you like. It can be both light and chocolate. And the finished cake you can sprinkle ground nuts or drizzle with melted chocolate.
To prepare cream cheese mash cheese with a fork. If it is too dry, add a little milk or cream to become soft and moist. Or take from pureed cottage cheese.
Separately, whip the cream with the icing sugar in a lush, sustainable cream. The cream must be fat enough, at least 33%, otherwise they will not be whipped.
Haloes mix whipped cream with curd.
To assemble the cake in a Cup pour the milk and prepare the biscuits.
Dishes to assemble the cake, cover with cling film. Each cookie dipped in milk and place on the bottom of the form. Then put an even layer of curd cream. Repeat all layers in the same sequence, until all the cream and biscuits.
The whole cake cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge for a few hours to really soak in and the cake was frozen. It's best to do at night.
Frozen cake using film, remove from the mold. Remove it from the film. If necessary, trim the top and sides so that the cake was smooth. Grate chocolate on a grater and sprinkle the cake from all sides.
Decorate according to your taste. Enjoy your tea!

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Cheese 200 gram
Chocolate 100 gram
Cookies 300 gram
Cream 200 gram
milk 1 cups
Powdered sugar 3 teaspoons


Total calories 316
Total fat 15
Total carbohydrates 32
Total protein 7