Cake anthill classic

Cooking time
1080 min
Cake from shortcake dough with condensed milk. The funnel cake of course is the cake from my childhood. I still remember the day when I tried it the first time on someone's birthday, and it was at school! The taste and the name is remembered for years to come.
The name and origin of the funnel cake is not exactly known. But it does not matter, when every family know about this wonderful candy dish and prepare it with pleasure, passing notes and recipe for the cake to each other.
To prepare the foods for cooking a cake "Anthill". The cake base is a shortbread dough. Therefore, for its preparation take butter or margarine of good quality. Sour cream 20 % fat. The flour should be sifted.
To prepare the cream according to the classic recipe uses butter and boiled condensed milk. For me, the oil in the cream is very greasy, so I will replace the oil for sour cream 20 % fat. The ingredients of the cream should be at room temperature.
Oil chop with a knife into cubes. If it is room temperature, it can be used as flexing the fork. Add the butter to the sugar and grind well to mix.
To sugar-buttered mixture gradually add sour cream, continuing to thoroughly mix to dissolve the sugar.
Gradually add flour with baking powder, kneading the dough.
The dough should be thick, but it does not have long to knead.
Divide the dough into several parts, each part wrapped in plastic wrap and put into the refrigerator for 40 minutes.
After a specified time, enable to heat up the oven to 200 gr. Now you need to chop the chilled dough to bake it into small pieces. I passed the dough through a meat grinder. But it is possible: to cut the noodles, grate on a coarse grater or break into pieces with your hands. Put the baking pan in the oven for 20 minutes or until Golden color of baked products.
The finished test pieces to cool to room temperature and mash with your hands: the structure must be heterogeneous, let the cake will be large pieces and is tiny.
Ingredients for the cream (room temperature) mix together until smooth. Once again, what a classic recipe for making cream used butter, I substitute it for sour cream to lower the fat content of the finished product.
Mix in a bowl the cream with a sand base.
Then you need to put a cake of the desired shape. For this (like me) to spread the dough, giving it the form of slides. Or cover with cling film capacity (bowl) to put the dough with the cream, compacted, and then flip it on a platter for the cake. Ready cake can be decorated according to your wishes - chocolate, nuts, poppy seeds, and can be left as it is. For impregnation of the test cream cake need to stand in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Here's a section of cake the day after baking. The cake is very tasty, with ukraincami dough.

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baking powder 10 gram
Boiled condensed milk 400 gram
butter 200 gram
Flour 500 gram
Sour cream 200 gram
Sugar 100 gram


Total calories 416
Total fat 25
Total carbohydrates 42
Total protein 6