Caesar salad classic with chicken

Cooking time
30 min
One of the most popular salads made at home! Salad-the legend, is named so not in honour of the Roman Emperor and took the name of chef Caesar Cardini, who, according to legend, fed once Hollywood actors salad with what I had.
Very often prepared Caesar salad, but always used ready-made dressing. The first time I made the sauce myself. Homemade sauce is much tastier than store-bought! And is very simple. The only real classic dressing for Caesar certainly added Worcestershire sauce and anchovies. But they are not so often met in the sale, so I made without them. The classic recipe for Caesar salad is prepared with Romano, but with a more affordable Iceberg it turns out very tasty!
Prepare the foods for the meal.
Baton cut into small cubes.
In a pan pour a little vegetable oil, put the peeled and crushed garlic clove. Lay out the sliced bread, stir. Fry the toast on the lowest heat until crisp. From time to time they must be stirred. If the garlic begins to burn, remove it. That is why it is not necessary much to grind.
Chicken fillet cut into small medallions of the same size. Salt and pepper them.
Fry fillets in a pan with a small amount of vegetable oil on both sides until Golden brown. Fillet ready remove from the pan and cool.
Prepare the foods for cooking sauce.
The egg put in Cup and pour with boiling water. Hold it a minute or two. thus it is not cooked, but well prodezinfitsirovat.
In a glass for whipping break the prepared egg, put the cheese, mustard, sugar, salt, butter and chopped garlic.
Short impulse movements, whisk all the ingredients to the sauce. It is not very thick, but still a bit thicker than water.
Chilled fillets cut into small pieces.
On the bottom of the dish and tear up the lettuce. Pour the salad sauce.
Lay the chicken pieces and chopped tomatoes.
Top off with crackers. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
In conclusion, once again pour the whole salad with the sauce. Serve immediately so the toast does not have time soak.

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Baton 220 gram
Cherry tomatoes 10 pc
Chicken 280 gram
eggs 1 pc
Garlic 1
Ground black pepper
Iceberg Lettuce 400 gram
Mustard 2 tablespoons
olive oil 60 ml
Parmesan 20 gram
salt 0.5 tablespoons
Sugar 1 tablespoons
vegetable oil 1 teaspoons


Total calories 169
Total fat 11
Total carbohydrates 10
Total protein 10