Bull balls with tomato-cream sauce in a pot

Cooking time
80 min
Not tried it cooked in a pot of bull testicles? Recipe for you! Bull testicles are delicious cooked in any way but stewed in a pot in the oven and under tomato-cream sauce... It's just the pleasure of taste! So if you all don't decide to try this delicacy, now is the time to do it with this recipe!
Primarily with bovine eggs need to remove the film. It's not difficult. Make a longitudinal incision and just pull the tape, then carefully rinse the eggs under running water. It is better to cut, for example, half-and-half or fat slices. Prepared eggs are put in the pan, then cover with sauce. So prepare the sauce: mix the tomato paste with sour cream, add salt and pepper. Put the pot in a cold oven, turn heat to 150 degrees. Bake the dish for 1 hour. Serve hot with fresh greens. Bon appetit!

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Bull balls step-by-step recipes 600 gram
Dill 15 gram
Ground black pepper 10 gram
salt 5 gram
Sour cream 80 gram
Tomato paste 60 gram


Total calories 207
Total fat 18
Total carbohydrates 2
Total protein 11